ATIXA Position Statement: Compliance with the 2020 Title IX Regulations Will Require a Formalized and Expanded Title IX Team

In the past decade, full-time Title IX Coordinators and Title IX offices have become more common for schools, colleges, and universities. Having pools of Title IX-trained personnel has even grown in popularity, both within and across organizations. With the 2020 Title IX regulations, the formation and operation of Title IX teams has become a necessity for recipients to achieve compliance.

Although ATIXA usually directs its position statements to Title IX personnel, this statement is directed to senior-level campus, school, and district leaders. It is vital for you to understand the complexity and challenges ahead under Title IX.

As a foundation, recall that compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is mandatory for all recipients of federal financial assistance, and that a failure to comply can result in investigation and accountability from Offices for Civil Rights within government agencies and costly lawsuits, in addition to negative publicity and reputational damage.

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ATIXA Releases Title IX Administrator’s Guide to Managing Attorney Advisors in the Sexual Harassment Grievance Process

ATIXA is pleased to release another members-only resource, The Title IX Administrator’s Guide to Managing Attorney Advisors in the Sexual Harassment Grievance Process. The New Title IX Regulations issued by the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (OCR) on May 6, 2020, have doubled down on the right to an advisor of one’s choice for both complainants and respondents, extending the right to an advisor who may be an attorney in two significant ways. Although administrators in higher education have largely become accustomed to the presence of attorney advisors in their resolution processes, this may be new territory for some elementary and secondary schools. Fear not, we are here to help recipients manage this process smoothly.

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The ATIXA Members’ Comprehensive 2020 Title IX Regulations Implementation Guide Available Now!

ATIXA is pleased to release our primary resource to assist members with navigating the new Title IX Regulations! The ATIXA Members’ Comprehensive 2020 Title IX Regulations Implementation Guide is now available and included for Super, Premium, and Individual Members of ATIXA!

This guide is topic-by-topic searchable from the Table of Contents and internal links. Each topic includes a discussion of a major provision of the regulations and then offers ATIXA’s tips for compliance and achieving best practices.

As a guiding premise, remember that it is always critical to understand the philosophical underpinnings of Title IX and to continue to apply those standards alongside the technical requirements emphasized in the new regulations. This guide will help you to confirm your institutional commitment to sex/gender equity and continue the important work you’ve undertaken in recent years, while making the required changes to re-emphasize and ensure due process for all parties. ATIXA endeavors to help you to steer a course that is compliant with the new federal mandates, but that does not unravel your current progress in doing so.

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