2019 August Annual Conference Promotion:
Regs Prep Toolkit

Register for either the 2019 ATIXA East Coast Annual Conference or the 2019 ATIXA West Coast Annual Conference during the month of August and receive:

Here at ATIXA, we hear from our members each and every day regarding their uncertainty surrounding the proposed regulations: when are they going to be finalized? What will be included? How can we prepare now? In order to best serve our conference body to engage in meaningful dialogue this fall, we are offering a special promotion to those who will be joining us in Philadelphia or Napa Valley for our East Coast and West Coast Annual Conferences. We have curated ATIXA’s most recent thought leadership and content to same-page you as we look to get the most out of our professional development experiences together. Please note that no substitutions or exceptions will be made for prior registrants or for different inclusions.

The redline review was completed in November 2018  by the TNG Partners, and offers informal comments and feedback regarding the Proposed Regulations. The first slide presentation is from the “Regulations Overview” webinar and is from January 2019 and is designed to provide an overview of regulations and substantive areas in which ATIXA will continue to lead the field. The second slide presentation is taken from the March 2019 “Steps to be Taking Now” webinar and it offers thoughts on current best practice, highlights the first principles that undergird Title IX, and prepares practitioners for the future direction of litigation and regulation.

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