Interested in bringing one of ATIXA’s expert consultants to train your team but only have a few staff who need training? Or perhaps you have been brainstorming ways other schools in your area can pool their resources for training and professional development? Consider hosting a training event in exchange for hosting and managing on-site logistical coordination, the host site can send up to 10 attendees to the training at no charge.

ATIXA is currently collecting Applications to Host for the 2020/2021 calendar year. We provide the consultant, materials, comprehensive instructions on the host process and requirements, and a member of our regional events team to answer any questions and connect with you throughout the RFP, planning, and execution process. You provide the location and resources for a great event!

For more information about hosting a training event, please email

Completing an application to host with ATIXA

Submission Instructions for an Online Application to Host

Click HERE to complete the online process.

Step One: Please read through the entire Requirements and Benefits Document. This document will be referenced in the next steps.

Step Two: Please complete the online Application to Host. Submitting this application with allow the event team to consider your application for approval. You will receive an email from ATIXA’s Director of Regional Events within three weeks of submission.

Step Three: If you are pre-approved to host an event, ATIXA’s Director of Regional Events will send you an email with potential course and date selections. This email will also include a link to complete the Final Application to host. Within five days of submitting the final Application to Host, you will receive a confirmation of your event with all details.

Submission Instructions for a downloadable Application to Host

Step One: Please download & review the 2020 Application to Host.

Step Two: Please insert all require information so that our team can better access your ability to host.

Step Three: Please initial all pages of the document and sign/date on the last page.

Step Four: Please email the complete form to Megan Birster, Director of Regional Hosted Events at You will receive an email from ATIXA’s Director of Regional Events within three weeks of submission.

Why Host?

Click here to review hosting requirements.

Courses Available


Coordinator & Administrator

K-12 Educator and Administrator

Additional Certifications

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed within three weeks of submission. The decision to host an event operates on a “first come, first served” basis and is determined by variables such as presenter availability, regional location and proximity to other training events, training demand, and the quality of completion for the criteria outlined above.

We hope to have the opportunity to partner with you either as a host or as a training participant in the year ahead!