ATIXA Co-Sponsored Online Trainings

ATIXA, in conjunction with The NCHERM Group, (TNG) launched TNG Online Trainings: an endeavor to provide quality, distance learning education and discussion opportunities to colleges and universities across the country and around the world.

TNG and its affiliated associations, ATIXA and NaBITA, have identified experts from numerous fields to bring you quality online programs that address the most pressing needs in threat assessment, prevention education, sexual assault response, higher education legal issues, administrative best practices and risk management.

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Trainings are 60 minutes each. Price is $349 for access to a recording.

Online Training recordings undergo a review and quality check before being made available for purchase. ATIXA member discounts still apply. We look forward to improving your professional development experience.

Recent Trainings

Vicarious Trauma in Higher Education
Informal Resolution and Restorative Justice
PreK-12 Sexual Misconduct Planning
Institutional Communication about Sexual Violence
A Controlled Trial of a Sex Education Program to Improve Sexual Consent Skills
Evolving PreK-12 Landscape in the Title IX Arena
Hamsters in the Hallways: Navigating the Law Regarding Animals on Campus
Mandatory Reporters Under Title IX, Title VII & Clery/Campus SaVE
Hosting Minors on Campus: What You Need to Know
Fighting Mid-Semester Burnout and Stress
Title IX and BITs
Policing the Drunken Campus Hook-Up: Law, Policy and Best Practices
Issues of Gender Violence in LGBT Communities
Addressing Title IX Matters in an Online Environment
Complying with The Campus SaVe Act Through Ongoing Educational Campaigns: Prevention Through Positive Media Messages
Best Practices for Program Evaluation
Navigating the Intersection of FERPA & Title IX
Addressing Risk Management in Study Abroad Programs
When Social Media & Title IX Collide: What Colleges Need To Know About Gossip Sites, Free Speech & Proactive Policies
Implementing the One Policy, One Process Model
Creating, Implementing and Applying Climate Surveys
Consent and Blackouts: The Legal, Psychological and Prevention Perspectives
Title IX Investigations and Technology: Eight Emerging and Common Issues
Title IX and Transgender Issues
Preventing Burnout by Fostering Compassion Satisfaction among Title IX Administrators
Campus Survivor Advocacy
A Deep Dive on Mandated Reporting Do’s and Don’ts
Beyond Yes/No: Queer, Trans and Kink Perspectives on Sexual Consent
Transitions in Higher Education: Issues and Best Practices to Support Transgender and Non-Binary Students in Higher Education
Understanding and Addressing Race, Bias & Title IX in Higher Education
Gender Equity in Athletics: Why Title IX Administrators Should Care and What They Need to Know

Trainings are 60-90 minutes each. Price is $349 per recording for 2014-on trainings and $249.99 per recording for 2013 trainings.

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