Level 4 – Advanced Interviewing Skills & Strategies – Two Days

Description of the Course | Who Should Attend | Prerequisites | How is this different from other Certification courses from ATIXA? | What does my certification mean?

Description of Course


Who Should Attend?

These courses are designed for seasoned professionals, with an advanced knowledge of Title IX, the Investigations process and its oversight, in the following fields:

  • Title IX Administration
  • Training and Prevention
  • Investigations
  • Human Resources
  • Student Conduct
  • Student Affairs
  • General Counsel/Law
  • Compliance
  • Law Enforcement

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Level Four is one of our most advanced trainings. If you have not attended our Level One and Two training, this training may be a stretch for you, unless you are a very seasoned investigator already. The instructors for this course do not entertain basic, structural or foundational questions, because it is assumed that participants will already have those skill sets in hand. Instructors will not let someone hold the group back, and will ask you to pose such questions during breaks or post-training. It is not required that you attend Level Three prior to taking this course.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

How is this different from our other certifications?

Previous levels of the investigator certification courses establish the foundation for solid investigation techniques, practices and substantive understanding of policy. Level Three is a clinical exploration of report writing and analysis. Level Four is an advanced course on advanced interviewing skills & strategies

What does my Certification mean?

To obtain Certification from ATIXA, you will need to attend the whole event. It is our expectation that you are present for the entire duration of your training course.

Please allow 14 business days following the completion of the course and then log-into or create an account with our Continuing Certification Credit (CCC) program system. Please follow the instructions on the webpage to obtain your certification. Our CCC program allows those certified by ATIXA to track, maintain, and extend their professional development through our programs. Learn more about our program here.

PLEASE NOTE: Certification refers to attendance at a qualifying event; TNG cannot speak to individual attendees’ knowledge, expertise, or command of the material.