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How is this different from other Certification courses from ATIXA?
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Description of Course

This comprehensive course is focused broadly on the role of Title IX Coordinators, all aspects of Title IX compliance, oversight of investigations, and more in the PreK through Grade 12 system.

Every district in the country is required by the Department of Education to have a Title IX Coordinator, and to designate that individual to the community as a contact point for a Title IX communications and grievances. This administrator is responsible for coordination of all your institution’s compliance efforts on gender discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, sexual assault, athletics equity and related civil rights investigations.

PreK-12 Administrators all over the country continue to share with ATIXA their lack of clarity on the role, responsibilities and the expectations the Department of Education has for their position. There is confusion over whether there is more to the Coordinator role than being a designee for Office for Civil Rights (OCR) communications, who their Administrator is, and what that person is supposed to do.With legislation, resolution letters and open investigations continuing to effect our work as Title IX administrators, the Title IX Coordinator position continues to grow and develop overtime. This course will address these questions and the confusion about the responsibilities of an Administrator in the grade school level system. This comprehensive course is focused broadly on the role of Title IX Administrators, Title IX compliance, investigations, athletics equity, and 504 disability compliance.

Attendees will follow a comprehensive curriculum on how to do the job and do it well. The three days will be intense, practical, and full of case studies and opportunities to apply the skills imparted in the training. You will not only spend these days with trainers who are some of the most knowledgeable experts on the topics, but also who are engaging and dynamic enough to hold your interest, keep you entertained, and take you from theory to practice with compelling case studies and relevant activities that take the content off the page and onto the campus.

Your trainers are not just topic experts, but practitioners. Members of the faculty for this event have negotiated with OCR on behalf of colleges and universities, conducted investigations, run athletics programs, litigated Title IX cases, served as experts and submitted amici in Title IX cases, trained investigators, and have published extensively on this topic. We know it inside out, and after these three days, so will you. This course will place you in the best possible position to respond to and defend district-wide competence on discrimination grievances. As this is the only event of its kind, you can’t get this training anywhere else.

As the leading source for Title IX expertise, ATIXA has now trained and certified more than 4,000 Title IX Coordinators across the country.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Title IX Coordinators
    • Both Institution-based & School-based
    • District Level Coordinators
  • District-based Title IX Personnel
  • All Title IX Investigators
  • Superintendents, Principals & Assistant Principals
  • Human Resources Personnel, General Counsel Personnel
  • Athletic Directors
  • Any PreK-12 School Personnel



Upcoming Training Locations

July 15th-17th, 2019
Westport, MA
Hosted by the Westport Community Schools
Faculty: W. Scott Lewis, J.D.

August 6th-8th, 2019
Denver, CO
Hosted by the Metropolitan State University of Denver
Faculty: W. Scott Lewis, J.D.

September 11th-13th, 2019
Indianapolis, IN
Hosted by the Indianapolis Public Schools
Faculty: Daniel C. Swinton, J.D., Ed.D.

Please note the registration form can be submitted to ATIXA prior to board approval to hold your spot at the rate you submit the form. We can invoice you and/or you can pay online after you receive board approval.

How is this different from our other certifications?

Are you a PreK-12 Title IX Coordinator or Administrator with limited to no experience? This newly developed course offers a comprehensive look at Title IX Administration, Coordination, Compliance, Athletics and Investigations at the PreK-12 level. The primary focus is ensuring you are up to speed with all aspects of Title IX in your district.

What does my Certification mean?

To obtain Certification from ATIXA, you will need to attend the whole event. It is our expectation that you are present for the entire duration of your training course.

Please allow 14 business days following the completion of the course and then log-into or create an account with our Continuing Certification Credit (CCC) programsystem. Please follow the instructions on the webpage to obtain your certification. Our CCC program allows those certified by ATIXA to track, maintain, and extend their professional development through our programs. Learn more about our program here.

*NEW* Digital Badging

We are pleased to announce that ATIXA has partnered with Accredible to add digital badging to its ability to recognize and honor the 12,500 professionals who have sought certification training since 2012.

Digital badges are an increasingly popular tool for employees to denote their achievements, illustrate skill accumulation, and convey professional competence and excellence. A digital badge is an indicator of accomplishment or skill that can be displayed, accessed, and verified online. The badge includes information on who earned the badge, what the badge represents, how it was earned, when it was earned, and who issued it. Digital credentials allow employees to present a rich and trustworthy record of their professional development, easily shared on social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as inclusion in email signatures.

Attendees of any Certification Course will now be able to expand their current options for verifying certification in a more public, visual, digital, and social, displaying badges for each certification so that colleagues, students, and potential employers can recognize your training and professional development. Attendees will receive notification following completion of the training on how to access their badge.

PLEASE NOTE: Certification refers to attendance at a qualifying event; The NCHERM Group cannot speak to individual attendees’ knowledge, expertise, or command of the material.