Climate Surveys, VAWA Compliance and Strategic Prevention
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Level One – Two Days

What makes earning certification with ATIXA unique?

There are a lot of courses out there, and many will teach you compliance. We do more than that, preparing you for the compliance challenges of tomorrow, not just today. We speak OCR fluently. Our certifications are regularly updated to stay fresh, and are developed and presented by the foremost leaders of the field. Our constant refinement of the courses enables us to carefully define and hone best practices to ensure that our attendees fully understand how to get Title IX right.

Our certifications are taught by faculty who are nationally-recognized experts and field-leading practitioners who guide participants though an unparalleled professional development experience across fourteen different courses. Using case studies, Q&A and illustrative stories, ATIXA trainings are never dull.

Because of our deep involvement in litigation and OCR complaints, ATIXA trainings are designed to empower risk management for your school or college. Through our unmatched understanding of the legal landscape, our team is best positioned to help attendees provide a fair, impartial and equitable resolution of discrimination allegations that will reduce the risk of an OCR complaint or lawsuit by either party. Our goal is to help you ensure their rights, maximize your compliance, and respect the equal dignity of all participants in your process.

Level One – Two Days

Description of the Course
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How is this different from other Certification courses from ATIXA?
What does my certification mean?

Description of Course

This course is designed to provide Title IX Coordinators, Administrators and Prevention Specialists the necessary skills and theory needed to comply with and implement the training and prevention-based requirements of Title IX and VAWA 2013 Section 304. This course highlights research-infused strategies and programs, providing participants with detailed implementation materials, opportunities to ask questions, and identify programming for immediate application on your campus. Special focus will be on how to develop an effective climate survey to better understand and plan for your culture’s needs.

Participants at the two-day training will acquire:

  • A solid understanding of the VAWA requirements for programming and educational efforts on their campus-whether public or private, community college or traditional four-year school
  • Theoretical underpinnings of student development theory and public health, to ground your programming
  • An in-depth review of climate surveys and their importance on campus to assess, inform and direct prevention and educational programming
  • Approaches to successfully evaluate programming and how to apply these directly to prevention and education efforts
  • Hot topics such as minors on campus, the roles of peer educators and peer advocates, and confidentiality
  • Skills in marketing, presenting sensitive material, building stakeholder buy-in, developing funding resources, community town/gown collaboration

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Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for those working directly with Title IX Investigations and Sexual Misconduct Grievances. Specifically those working in this capacity in the following fields:

  • Prevention Educators
  • Community Center personnel
  • Community-specific Resource Center personnel
  • Residence Life Professionals
  • Campus Title IX Coordinators
  • Deputy Coordinators
  • Training and Prevention personnel
  • Student Affairs administrators
  • AA/EEO/Diversity personnel



Upcoming Training Locations

How is this different from our other certifications?

This course offers a unique and specialized type of training from ATIXA, focusing solely on how to implement and maximize the strategic prevention practices of a campus.

What does my Certification mean?

To obtain Certification from ATIXA, you will need to attend the whole event. It is our expectation that you are present for the entire duration of your training course.

Please allow 14 business days following the completion of the course and then log-into or create an account with our Continuing Certification Credit (CCC) programsystem. Please follow the instructions on the webpage to obtain your certification. Our CCC program allows those certified by ATIXA to track, maintain, and extend their professional development through our programs. Learn more about our program here.

Digital Badging

ATIXA has partnered with Accredible to add digital badging to its ability to recognize and honor the 12,500 professionals who have sought certification training since 2012.

Digital badges are an increasingly popular tool for employees to denote their achievements, illustrate skill accumulation, and convey professional competence and excellence. A digital badge is an indicator of accomplishment or skill that can be displayed, accessed, and verified online. The badge includes information on who earned the badge, what the badge represents, how it was earned, when it was earned, and who issued it. Digital credentials allow employees to present a rich and trustworthy record of their professional development, easily shared on social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as inclusion in email signatures.

Attendees of any Certification Course will now be able to expand their current options for verifying certification in a more public, visual, digital, and social, displaying badges for each certification so that colleagues, students, and potential employers can recognize your training and professional development. Attendees will receive notification following completion of the training on how to access their badge.

PLEASE NOTE: Certification refers to attendance at a qualifying event; TNG cannot speak to individual attendees’ knowledge, expertise, or command of the material.