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Consulting Services To Manage Your Risk

In today’s constantly evolving world, educational institutions face unprecedented challenges, particularly in risk management and compliance. Time is of the essence when it comes to responding to incidents of sexual misconduct, Title IX violations, and other crises. That’s where ATIXA can help.

Our services include interim executive placement, staff augmentation, executive coaching, and consultancy. These services provide organizations with the expertise they need while they are transitioning or in times of immediate need. ATIXA offers a personalized approach considering each organization’s unique goals and objectives. This hassle-free process ensures that organizations can quickly implement policies that create a safe and inclusive environment for students, faculty, and staff.

Our services include:

Interim Title IX Coordinator
Decision-Maker/Hearing Officer

Should you be considering an Interim Title IX Coordinator?

Our Interim Title IX Coordinators offer comprehensive services that help protect students and employees against sex- and gender-based discrimination. In addition to maintaining the day-to-day responsiveness to reports and complaints, they often identify and tackle other challenges. These may include developing and updating policies to ensure compliance, auditing prior cases for potential violations of Title IX requirements, and collaborating efficiently with campus partners on critical issues like mandatory reporting training.

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Do you need experienced and impartial Investigators?

Our independent investigation team is certified by ATIXA and specializes in providing unbiased civil rights inquiry services. Our experts advise on discrimination investigations, background reviews, forensic analysis & OCR complaint response – no matter the challenge or size of your investigative needs!

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Guard against bias allegations with our decision-makers & hearing officers.

Our Hearing Advisors strive to provide all parties with the same access and guidance. We make it possible for colleges and schools across America to ensure that every student or employee has an unbiased advocate and support throughout your Title IX process, which promotes your institution’s equity goals!

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Meet our Expert Consultants

Our clients get better results because of our competitive edge. Our expert consultants believe in digging deeper and listening closely with uncommon problem-solving strategies to break boundaries – even if it means rejecting an idea initially thought impossible. Our fine-tuned insight into intricate details of businesses makes for successful transformation and risk management solutions tailored specifically around each client’s institutional culture.

Consulting Services To Help Manage Risk

Schools, campuses, and workplaces are environments where we must prioritize safety. Risk management involves recognizing potential risks–such as violence or discrimination before they pose a threat–so that your institution can prevent any harm to individuals or the institution. Taking action now means protecting today’s students, staff members, faculty, and more in the future!

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