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Gender equity is an inherent good, providing equitable access to educational benefits and opportunities. Title IX is a critical tool for advancing the goal of equity, and meaningful compliance furthers that goal. By joining and participating in ATIXA, you will become a better Title IX Coordinator, investigator, administrator, and/or ally.

You’ll acquire tools that help to advance your institution or district, motivate change, understand industry standards, and implement best practices. That’s motivation enough, but if you need more, consider the risk management value of the rich trove of model policies, compliance tips, training guides, and myriad other compliance tools available from ATIXA and produced out of the collective wisdom of its members and experts.

Title IX is emblematic of seismic changes within our society, including #MeToo, the rebalancing of power in the workplace, battles in the courts over due process, and sex and abuse scandals impacting all manner of organizations and institutions. At the same time, Title IX regulations are in flux and the courts are reshaping the basis for school and college liability. In a period of uncertainty, the steady hand of ATIXA’s advice and support is more valuable than ever.

At ATIXA, we see compliance as a floor. We encourage our members to reach for the ceiling, because excellent programs are built from commitment, not compliance. Joining ATIXA will put you in the best possible position not just to meet, but to exceed, the compliance mandates of the courts and OCR, so that your program serves your community well not just today, but long-term.


ATIXA has multiple types and levels of membership opportunities available to meet the unique and differing needs of educators, professionals, practitioners and specialists across the country. Click on our membership types below to learn more about each.

Please note that new Individual Premium, Institutional Premium, and Community of Practice membership levels were discontinued as of June 15, 2020. Existing members at those levels will maintain access to all of their inclusions through their renewal date. ATIXA’s goal is to streamline membership options and continue to enhance the value and benefit of our Individual, Institutional, and Super Memberships to offer best in class professional development content and community.


ATIXA membership works on a rolling membership year, starting on the day you join, and expiring one year later. We’ll contact you with renewal reminders to ensure that your membership does not lapse.

To join ATIXA please click the “Join” button at the top of this page to obtain an invoice or pay via credit card.

Please contact us at members@atixa.org or call 610-644-7858 with any further questions about membership details and cost, including multi-year membership options.

Super Membership
(Benefits of membership apply to an unlimited number of members from the same school, district, college or university)

Annual Membership: $4,999 per Institution/Campus

*10% discount on many of ATIXA’s events and products is extended to the Institution associated with the membership.

Institutional Membership
(Benefits of membership apply to an unlimited number of members from the same school, district, college or university)

Annual Membership: $2,499 per Institution/Campus

Individual Membership
(Applies to one person who is the holder of the membership)

Annual Membership: $599 per person

K-12 School District Professional Development Packages

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For questions or to receive more information, please contact ATIXA at 610-644-7858 or members@atixa.org.

All membership registrations are non-refundable. Memberships are transferrable at any time and can be adjusted by contacting ATIXA directly. More information on ATIXA’s membership policies, including membership rules, can be found via the Policies Page by clicking here.