ATIXA Super Membership

Join ATIXA TodayYou can elect to join as a new Super Member, or to upgrade your current membership to Super Member status. This membership will enable you to pay one annual fee for access to the materials and services that ATIXA produces over the course of your membership year, at no additional charge. Super Members have access to products and services valued at over $10,000 if purchased on an “a la carte” basis, for one low annual fee, and will have access to special events, bonus content, and enhanced direct access to the ATIXA “brain trust” of the nation’s foremost Title IX experts.

Super Member:
$12,499 for three-years per Institution/Campus/PreK-12 District
$4,999 for one-year per Institution/Campus/PreK-12 District

In addition to all of the benefits of all of the membership categories that ATIXA offers, the Super Member category includes:

  • Access to ATIXA services and products valued at over $10,000, without per item fees
  • Unlimited individual members with full access
  • Unlimited access to the ATIXA Mandated Reporter Online Training for Employees
  • Unlimited Tokens for Online Trainings through the Continuing Certification Credits (CCC) Program
  • All of the 20 Minutes to…Trained video modules
  • ATIXA One Policy, One Process Model Policy and Procedures for Civil Rights Equity Grievance Resolution
  • The Hardcopy of The ATIXA Playbook
  • MaxStack: A Database for Title IX Case Documentation from ATIXA & Maxient*
  • The ATIXA “Investigation In a Box” Kit
  • Clery Act Annual Security Report Template Language to Comply with VAWA Section 304
  • One team registration (up to a group of 7) to a 2-day campus hosted event
  • Two Final-Eyes Reviews
  • Super Member socials at the ATIXA Annual Conference and other Hotel-Based Certification Events
  • Networking opportunities in person with TNG Partners
  • Two annual Q&A based webinars with TNG Partners
  • All certification event training materials

Additionally, Super Members have access to all future proprietary models, templates and materials developed by ATIXA during their entire membership year, without additional cost. Benefits of membership apply to an unlimited number of members from the same school, PreK-12 district, college or university. A 15% discount on many of ATIXA’s events and products is extended to the Institution associated with the membership.

*Must be a current Maxient client to be able to utilize MaxStack

To join ATIXA please click the “Join” button at the top of this page or download and complete the Membership Registration Form. ATIXA membership works on a rolling membership year, starting on the day you join, and expires one year later. We’ll contact you with renewal reminders to ensure that your membership does not lapse.

If you are in the middle of a membership year and decide to update to Super Membership, ATIXA can pro-rate your paid membership amount toward a Super Member upgrade. Please contact us at or call 610-644-7858.