The Communities of Practice offer a specialized home within ATIXA to meet the unique needs of particular members’ constituency groups. These Communities facilitate and support the lively exchange of information, offer resources and allow for ongoing and engaging dialogue to promote the free flow of ideas.

By creating connections with other peers in your Community of Practice, participants have the opportunity to discuss successes and challenges, identify trends and best practices and offer issue-specific guidance, all while breaking down the barriers of isolation in their work.

Depending on your level of membership, you gain access to a peer community, offering specialized resources and a unique listserv. ATIXA has five cost-effective communities of practice. By joining at the Community of Practice level of membership, you have access to that Community of Practice only, and its resources (listed below). When you join the level of Individual or Institutional Membership (or above), you have access to all five of ATIXA’s Communities of Practice, in addition to your primary membership.

  • Investigator
  • ADA/504 Coordinator
  • Advocate& Prevention Educator
  • K-12 Educator & Administrator
  • Student

Your access includes:

  • The best source materials on Title IX tailored specifically to your Community of Practice
  • A Peer Community listserv
  • Weekly newsletters with a Tip of the Week
  • Your specially tailored Community of Practice Resource library
  • Specific Community of Practice program tracks at the ATIXA Annual Conferences (excludes Student level only)