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Welcome to the Victim/Survivor Advocate & Prevention Educator Community of Practice, as specialized resource center for those who are campus-serving victim/survivor advocates and/or those working as prevention educators on campuses and in schools.

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A University Sent Out A ‘Rape Prevention’ Email Following A Sexual Assault On Campus. I’m Impressed. By Upworthy

A Basic Guide to Title IX

10 Ways to Address the Relationship Between Title IX and Campus Police by ATIXA

SAAM 2015 Action Steps Campus Administrators

Introduction Resource Packet

Media, Sexual Violence, and Engaging Bystanders

SAAM Proclamation For a Healthy Future

National Women’s Law Center

Grant Programs To End Violence Against Women

Common Date Rape Drugs

How To Send A Title IX Complaint to The U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Justice

Know Your rights United States Department of Education

Speaking Out The Benefits to Survivors of Sexual Assault

Survivors on Campus: A Dialogue about Sexual Assault

What ‘Affirmative Consent’ Actually Means

It’s On Us Campaign Organizing Tools

Handbook for Achieving Gender Equity Through Education


Fact Sheets and Statistics

Facts and Statistics

11 Facts About Sexual Assault

Understanding the Facts on Campus Sexual Assaults

Sexual Assault Factsheet

Facts From United Educators’ Sexual Assault Claims Study


Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Resource List

Engaging Bystanders in Sexual Violence Prevention by Joan Tabachnick

Training Boosts Bystander Confidence in Preventing Interpersonal Violence on College Campuses Study

Annotated bibliography Bystander Prevention

Online Prevention Program Clearinghouse

Fair Play from Legal Aid Society Employment Law Center

Sexual Violence Prevention Overview

Sexual Violence Prevention Beginning the Dialogue

SAAM 2015 Overview Campus Sexual Violence Prevention

Core Competencies For Sexual Violence Prevention Practitioners

Preventing Violence and Promoting Safety in Higher Education Settings Overview of a Comprehensive Approach

Qualities and Abilities of Effective and Confident Prevention Practitioners

Sexual Violence and The Spectrum of Prevention Towards a Community Solution

Strategies For Integrating Prevention Into Organizational Operations

Tips For New Prevention Coordinators

CDC’s Public Health Approach to Violence Prevention

The Spectrum of Prevention: Developing a Comprehensive Approach To Injury Prevention

Prevention is Primary: Strategies for Community Wellbeing

W.H.O. Violence Prevention Through Social Norms

Predictors of Sexual Assault-Specific Prosocial Bystander Behavior and Intentions- A Prospective Analysis

A Grassroots’ Guide to Fostering Healthy Norms to Reduce Violence in our Communities- Social Norms Toolkit

Fostering Healthy Norms to Prevent Violence and Abuse- The Social Norms Approach

The Continuum of Sexual Violence

Approaches to Prevention

Programming Should Reach


Stop Sexual Assault in Schools Activism Toolkit

SAFER Strengthens Student-led Movements to Combat Sexual and Interpersonal Violence in Campus Communities

Advocate Burn Out

Advocate Key Terms and Context

Advocates Role

Considerations for On-Campus Advocacy

Forensic Exam

Privacy vs Confidentiality vs Privilege

Survivor The Processes and Challenges

What Ways Do Campus and Community Collaborate? Definitions and Terms

Your Role as an Advocate

Handouts, Brochures, and Posters

Preventing Sexual Assault from Crime and Violence Prevention Center California

10 Top Tips to End Rape from Upworthy

Melissa’s Handy Guide To Rape Prevention

This Is Not An Inviation To Rape me

A Chilling PSA Takes on Sexual Assault Through a Unique Set of Eyes: Yours from Upworthy

Why Do Sexual Assault Survivors Feel Shame? A Cartoon Sums It Up. from Upworthy

6 Creepy Sentences That I Wish Always Had These Surprise Endings by Upworthy

This movement wants guys to take a stand when women face verbal harassment by Upworthy

Without Consent, Its Not Sent Campaign by SAVE

Popular “Hey Girl” Slogan for Gender Equality

Consent Is Sexy Campaign

Tools and Resources

U of Nine App

Circle of 6 App

The Aspire News App

Capptivation App

Culture of Respect

Catharsis Productions Prevention Program

The Sexual Trauma Workbook for Teen Girls: A Guide to Recover from Sexual Assault and Abuse

The PTSD Workbook for Teens: Simple, Effective Skills for Healing Trauma

The PTSD Workbook: Simple, Effective Techniques for Overcoming Traumatic Stress Symptoms

Life, Reinvented: A Guide to Healing from Sexual Trauma for Survivors and Loved Ones

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

Not Marked: Finding Hope and Healing after Sexual Abuse

This White House: Gathering the Wood (Recovery from Incest Through Painting My Story Book 1) by Gabriel Orion Marie

Helping Her Get Free: A Guide for Families and Friends of Abused Women by Susan Brewster

Media Resources

Project Not Asking for It

Consent: It’s As Simple As Tea

Wanna Have Consent 101

What If Bears Killed One in Five People

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Consent 101 from Planned Parenthood

Brave New Voices “Rape Joke”

Brave New Voices “Somewhere In America”

Poetry Slam Inc “Say No”

Who Are You? Video

White House 1 is 2 many Video 1

White House 1 is 2 many Video 2

Arizona Wildcats Step Up

Sam & Alice Teenage Relationship Abuse Video

Ryan & Jade Teenage Relationship Abuse

Wanna Have Sex? Consent 101 Video

Stalking PSA Video

Intimate Partner Violence

Understanding Intimate Partner Violence Factsheet

Intimate Partner Violence Handout

Evaluation For Improvement Empowerment Evaluation Approach For Violence Prevention Organizations

Preventing Intimate Partner & Sexual Violence Program Activities Guide

Intersextion of Intimate Partner Violence and HIV in Women

Preventing Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence in Racial:Ethnic Minority Communities


Annotated Bibliography- Sexual Violence and Individuals Who Identify as LGBTQ

Creating Inclusive Agencies

Guide For Transformative Prevention Programming

Hate & Bias Motivated Crimes

Resource List- Sexual violence and Individuals Who Identify as LGBTQ

Sexual Harassment & Bullying of Youth

Talking About Gender & Sexuality

Position Statements and White Papers

2015 ATIXA Victim Advocates Position Statement

2015 November Congressional Bills Position Statement

2015 ATIXA Position Statement Concealed Carry

2015 Title IX Protection for Gender Identity

ATIXA Transcript Notation

Not Alone Protecting Students from Sexual Assault from the White House

50 Actual Facts About Rape by Soraya Chemaly

The College Rape Overcorrection

Lawmakers Shift Campus Rape Conversation to High Schools

To Prevent Sexual Assault, Start Early The New York Times

Sexting, Shame, and Suicide by Rolling Stone

Teaching Kids About Sexual Assault by Catherine Buni

One Year After ‘Rolling Stone’s Disastrous “A Rape On Campus,” Here’s How University Of Virginia Classrooms Have Changed by Christine Stoddard

Research and Books

The Crisis of Campus Sexual Violence: Critical Perspectives on Prevention and Response edited by Sara Carrigan Wooten and Roland W. Mitchell

College Men and Masculinities: Theory, Research, and Implications for Practice edited by Shaun R. Harper and Frank Harris III

Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence: From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror by Judith L. Herman

Trauma and Memory: Brain and Body in a Search for the Living Past: A Practical Guide for Understanding and Working with Traumatic Memory by Peter A. Levine and Bessel A. van der Kolk

Legal Issues in the Community College: New Directions for Community Colleges, Number 125 edited by Robert C. Cloud

Ending Campus Violence: New Approaches to Prevention by Brian Van Brunt

Yes Means Yes!: Visions of Female Sexual Power and A World Without Rape by Jaclyn Friedman

Asking for It: The Alarming Rise of Rape Culture and What We Can Do about It by Kate Harding

Sexual Assault: The Victims, the Perpetrators, and the Criminal Justice System by Frances P. Reddington and Betsy Wright Kreisel

Title IX and the State of Campus Sexual Violence in the United States- Power, Policy, and Local Bodies by Jennifer R. Wies

Sexual Violence in Later Life Annotated Bibliography

Sexual Violence and Individuals Who Identify as LGBTQ Annotated Bibliography

Engaging Bystanders to Prevent Sexual Violence Annotated Bibliography

Sexual Violence & the Workplace Annotated Bibliography

Sexual Assault Prevention on College Campuses (Researching Social Psychology) by Matt J Gray, Christina Hassija, and Steinmetz M Sarah

Human Trafficking Annotated Bibliography

Risk Factors for Child Sexual Abuse Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography for Sexual Harassment

Tips of the Week

Advocates and Advisers, Part 1

Advocates and Advisers, Part 2

Managing Survivor Advocacy

OCR Clarifies Position on Mandated Reporting by Victim Advocates

The Advocate Role at a Small College

A Call to Action: Men’s Groups

Bystander Intervention

Creating a Blueprint for Reform

Jason A. Laker Being Present July-2013

Jason A. Laker Conceptual Lens and Practical Framework August-2013

Jason A. Laker Conference Season March-2013

Jason A. Laker Consent September-2013

Jason A. Laker Gender and Media June-2013

Jason A. Laker Identity Politics April-2013

Jason A. Laker Personal Accountability October-2013

Jason A. Laker Self Body Image February-2013

Jason A. Laker Self Care May-2013

Jason A. Laker Transitions December-2013

Jason A. Laker Urgency and Patience January2013

Jason A. Laker Work Done Well November-2013

Legal Obligation to Prevent Rape?

Online Prevention Program News: SCOPE Responds

Ponderings on Prevention

Safe Messaging for Suicide Prevention

Shifting from the Awareness Month to the Prevention Year

Small Victories

Summary of Pathways to Prevention: Part I

Summary of Pathways to Prevention: Part II

Summary of Pathways to Prevention: Part III

Summary of Pathways to Prevention: Part IV

Three Steps to Prevention and Training Excellence

Hiring and Employment

Guidance for Hiring, Training, and Supporting Community Prevention Practitioners

Sample Job Description


Guidance for Hiring, Training, and Supporting Community Prevention Practitioners

Sample Job Description

What Is a Victim Advocate?

How To Become A Victim Advocate


An Empowerment Model of Self-Defense- Providing a Holistic Approach to Violence Prevention

Anti-Violence Advocates: Building a Community of Support

Beyond Compliance: Doing the Right Thing by Our Students

Building A Campus Culture of Safety: Using Technology to Boost and Measure Prevention Work

Building an Effective and Robust Campus Advocacy & Prevention Program

Building Comprehensive Sexual Violence Prevention Efforts on College Campuses

Building Strong Title IX/Advocate Partnerships

Campus SaVE and a Catholic Campus: The Opportunities, the Potential Pitfalls, and the Bridges between them

Combating Campus Sexual Violence: Raising and Engaging Student Voices

Changing the Culture: Sexual Assault Prevention and Response in Higher Education

Creating Think About It: A Comprehensive and Creative Campus-Wide Model for Prevention Education

Creative Collaboration – How to Share the Burden of Programming

Employee Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Trainings: An Opportunity to Create Safer Campuses

Engaging Faculty and Staff in Prevention and Response to Sexual Misconduct (Does it have to be a battle?)

How To Engage Men and Masculinities to End Violence Against Women

Innovative Ways to Increase Program Turnout

It’s a ZOO Out There! Section 504, ADA, and FHA: Service Animals, Assistance Animals, Emotional Support Animals, Therapy Animals, and Pets

Let’s Get Serious About Hazing Prevention SevenThings We Need to do Now

Lighting the Flame: Empowering Student Leaders through New Collaborations

Male Victims of Sexual Violence: Deconstructing Myths and Creating a Community of Healing

Meeting the Leadership Challenge through Everyday Action, Analyzing the Obvious – A Key to Prevention

Mobilizing College Students for Health Outreach Using the Strategic Prevention Framework

Peer Advocacy: A Path to Increasing Survivor Supports On Campus

Practicing Prevention & The Campus SaVE Act: A Panel of Multiple Perspectives

Preventing the Perpetration of Campus Sexual Violence & Resources for Respondents

Prevention, Partnership, and Programming

Project Transform – Building an Evidence-base for Hazing Prevention

Reaching the College Student: Marketing and Strategies that Get the Message Out

Reaching Mandated Students through Experiential Education- A Harm Reduction Strategy Facilitated by Peer Educators

Reframing Consent: How Language Distorts Prevention Education

Risky Business: Protecting Survivors from Cybersecurity Threat

Victim Advocacy 101: What Title IX Coordinators Should Know to Work Effectively with Advocates

Why Bystander Intervention? A Framework for Intentional and Collaborative Prevention Planning Across Campus(es)