ATIXA Investigator Community of Practice Resource Library

Welcome to the Investigator Community of Practice, as specialized resource center for those who serve as civil rights investigators on campuses and in schools.

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10 Ways to Address the Relationship Between Title IX and Campus Police by ATIXA

A Basic Guide to Title IX

A Model Campus Sexual Assault Response Protocol from NCHERM

ATIXA Flow Chart Actual Notice

ATIXA Flow Chart Civil Rights Investigation Model

ATIXA Flow Chart Traditional Student Conduct Hearing Panel Model

ATIXA VAWA Section 304 Compliant Process Advisor Model Language

Fact Sheets and Statistics

11 Facts About Sexual Assault

Facts and Statistics

Facts From United Educators’ Sexual Assault Claims Study

Sexual Assault Factsheet

Understanding the Facts on Campus Sexual Assaults

Flyers and Brochures

A Resource Guide For Students on Sexual Misconduct Campus Policies, Procedures and Victim Services

Office of Sexual Misconduct Relationship Violence Title IX Office Brochure Sample

Relationship Violence Brochure Sample

Sexual Misconduct Brochure Sample

Student Resources and Reporting Options for Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Brochure Sample copy

Title IX Brochure Christian University Brochure Sample copy

Title IX Resource Flyer Sample copy

Sexual Violence Brochure Sample

Security Assault Brochure Sample

Title IX Gender Based Misconduct Brochure Sample

Title IX Heres How We Can Help Brochure Sample

Templates, Checklists, and Guidelines

The Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting, US Department of Education, 2016

A Sample Report Skeleton For Use In Completing Investigative Reports

ATIXA Timeline Compliance Template

Harassment Discrimination Including Sexual Misconduct and Retaliation On Line Complaint Form

Incident Report Form

Investigation Timeline Example

Mandatory Reporters Policy Template

No Contact Order Template Letter Boise State University

Party to the Crime of Criminal Trespass Sample

Person Non Grata Template

Reporting Requirements Syllabus Language

Sample Anderson University Temporary Leave of Absence For Students

Sample Anderson University Withdrawal Form

Sample Appeals Practices and Template Language Examples

Sample Outcome Letter

Sample Respondent Outcome Letter Boise State University

Sample Signage Title IX Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Sample Syllabi Statement Title IX Huntingdon College

Syllabi Language Examples

Template Letter To “Reluctant Victim”

ATIXA Title IX Compliance Best Practices Checklist

Checklist for Complying With OCR’s ‘Dear Colleague’ Letter on Student Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment

Investigation Protocol Checklist

Appeal Process Guidelines

Model District Policy on Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students Model Language Commentary Resources

Position Statements

2015 November Congressional Bills Position Statement

2015 Position Statement on the Title IX Protection For Gender Identity

2015 ATIXA Position Statement on Concealed Carry Legislation Related to Campus Sexual Violence

ATIXA Position Statement on Transcript Notation


Build A Diverse & Comprehensive Title IX Investigative Team

Case Study: A Guided Civil Rights Investigation

Coordinators Collaborating with Campus Law Enforcement: Opportunities and Barriers

Going Beyond Compliance with Collaboration: Victim Support and Title IX Investigations

Investigation Report Writing

Lessons from Former Public Defenders: How to Conduct a Fair, Neutral, Impartial Investigation that Promotes Due Process and Respects All Parties

Managing Personal and Professional Bias: A Training Model for Conduct Boards, Responsible Employees and Investigators

Practically Speaking: Implementation of the Civil Rights Investigation Model from Theory to Practice

School Based Civil Rights Investigations: Implementing Systemic Protocols in a K-12 School District

The Effects of Bias on Investigations

The Global Human Dignity Resolution Model

The Intersection of Hip-Hop and Title IX Administration & Investigation

Unfounded Cases and False Reports: A Complex Problem from Kimberly A. Lonsway, Ph.D. and Sgt. Paul Schnell