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Twenty Tips for Development a Title IX Plan

The Long Range Strategic Planning Process

Building Partnerships With Youth Organizations

Grant Programs To End Violence Against Women

It’s Never Your Fault The Truth about Sexual Abuse

Sex or Sexual Abuse Respect Yourself Know The Difference

The School Counselor’s Legal Role

Understanding Bullying Factsheet

Video Surveillance Cameras in Schools

Welcoming Schools: A Project of The Human Rights Campaign Foundation

What ‘Affirmative Consent’ Actually Means

What K-12 Charter School Faculty and Staff Need to Know About Title IX

Youth Violence Factsheet

Primary School

Anika-Hennepin Schools (MN) School Handbook

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Resource List

Eighth Graders In Ohio Public School Allegedly Taught Marriage Prevents STDs

Risk Factors for Child Sexual Abuse Annotated Bibliography

Shifting Boundaries Lessons on Relationships for Students in Middle School

Youth Violence Prevention at CDC

Secondary School

Do Teens Understand What Rape Is? From BBC News

High Schools and Middle Schools Are Failing Victims of Sexual Assault From US News

It’s Time to Change the Narrative on Sexual Assault in Our High Schools from huffingtonpost

Programs for High School Students and Their Applicability To Urban Schools

San Francisco School District Title IX Webpage

Social Media Toolkit

Surviving Violence in Secondary School | Know Your IX

Teen Dating Violence Facts from Clothesline Project

Teen Dating Violence In The United States

Teenage Dating Violence & Sexual Assault Resources

Parents and Caregivers

Free Parent Guide by Keep Her Safe

Parents’ Guide to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act- Rights Regarding Children’s Education Records

Some Tips on How to Protect your Child from Sexual Abuse

Student Information Request Letter to a School District

Tips for Parents & Caregivers From SAAM

Tips for Partners, Friends & Family of Survivors

Understanding Sexual Violence- Tips For Parents & Caregivers Of Children

Understanding Why You Didn’t Tell

What Parents Need to Know About Sexual Abuse


Checklist for Conducting Student Sexual Assault Investigations

Incident Report Form

Investigation Protocol Checklist From ATIXA

Investigation Timeline Example


Baby It’s Cold Outside

Consent 101 from Planned Parenthood

Consent: It’s As Simple As Tea

Educating for the Prevention of Sexual Abuse An Investigation of School Based

Fair Play from Legal Aid Society Employment Law Center

Feminism In Schools Exploring The Prevention of Sexual Assault in School Communities

Guide Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Programs For Children

Health Promotion From Nelly Thomas

Introduction Resource Packet

Media, Sexual Violence, and Engaging Bystanders

Preventing and Responding to Teen Dating Violence

Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Prevention Strategies For Family Violence

Project Not Asking for It

Sexual Assault Prevention Program for Secondary Schools

Sexual Assault Prevention Program for Secondary Schools Report

Wanna Have Consent 101

What If Bears Killed One in Five People


Know Your rights United States Department of Education

Speaking Out The Benefits to Survivors of Sexual Assault

Stop Sexual Assault in Schools Activism Toolkit

The Strong Start for Children Campaign toolkit

Tools and Resources

Capptivation App

Catharsis Productions Prevention Program

Circle of 6 App

Culture of Respect

Life, Reinvented: A Guide to Healing from Sexual Trauma for Survivors and Loved Ones

Not Marked: Finding Hope and Healing after Sexual Abuse

Sample Training Scenerios

The Aspire News App

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

The PTSD Workbook for Teens: Simple, Effective Skills for Healing Trauma

The PTSD Workbook: Simple, Effective Techniques for Overcoming Traumatic Stress Symptoms

The Sexual Trauma Workbook for Teen Girls: A Guide to Recover from Sexual Assault and Abuse

This White House: Gathering the Wood (Recovery from Incest Through Painting My Story Book 1) by Gabriel Orion Marie

U of Nine App

Child Sexual Abuse

1 in 6 Childhood Male Sexual Abuse Brochure

Child Sexual Abuse Fact Sheet For Parents, Teachers, and Other Caregivers

Disney Princesses Used in Sexual Assault Awareness Posters

Measures to Support State Action to Prevent and Address Child Sexual Abuse

LGBT Youth

Annotated Bibliography Sexual Violence and Individuals Who Identify as LGBTQ

Best Practices for Serving Transgender and Gender Non Conforming Students In Schools

Gender Spectrum Helps to Create Gender Sensitive and Inclusive Environments For All Children and Teens

Guidelines For Schools on Gender Identity and Expression

Hate & Bias Motivated Crimes

LGBTQ Youth and Sexual Abuse- Information For Mental Health Professionals

Model District Policy on Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students

Resource List- Sexual violence and Individuals Who Identify as LGBTQ

Sample Signage Title IX Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Schools In Transition Human Rights Campaign

Sexual Harassment & Bullying of Youth

Talking About Gender & Sexuality

Intimate Partner Violence

Break The Cycle Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

How to Protect Students from Sexual Harassment: A Primer for Schools

Intimate Partner Violence Handout

K-12 Teen Dating Violence Factsheet

Preventing Intimate Partner & Sexual Violence Program Activities Guide

Understanding Intimate Partner Violence Factsheet

Harassment and Bullying

Crossing the Line: Sexual Harassment at School

Ending Harrasment Now Keeping Our Kids Safe At School

Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Schools: A Facilitator’s Manual & Curriculum for Grades 1-12

Sexual Harassment in the Schools A blueprint for Action

Protecting Civil Rights, Advancing Equality Report to the President and SEcretary of Education

How to Protect Students from Sexual Harassment A Primer for Schools

Title IX Protections From Bullying & Harassment in School

Dear Colleague Letters

Dear Colleague Letter on Voluntary Youth Service Organizations

Dear Colleague Letter Title IX Coordinators

Letter to Title IX Coordinators

New Guidance from U.S. Department of Education Reminds Schools of Obligation to Designate Title IX Coordinator

Position Statements and News

After Progress on College Rape, Why Ignore Sexual Violence in High School

Combatting the Epidemic of K-12 Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence by Esther Warkov

Government Reminds K-12 Schools to Comply with Title IX

Lawmakers Shift Campus Rape Conversation to High Schools

Sexting, Shame, and Suicide by Rolling Stone

Sexual violence isn’t just a college problem. It happens in K-12 schools, too. By Emma Brown

Study: Sexual Harassment Frequent Among Middle School Students by Allie Bidwell

Teaching Kids About Sexual Assault by Catherine Buni

Title IX Coordinators Key to Compliance, Education Department Reminds Schools by Evie Blad

To Prevent Sexual Assault, Start Early The New York Times


Connecticut State Website Title IX / Equity Coordinator Resources

Eliminating Bullying and Harassment: Professional Development for K-12 Educators

K-12 and College-Based Sexual Violence Primary Prevention – The North Carolina State Plan

Public Education and Title IX: Quick Facts, Highlights and Case Reviews

SafeBAE (Before Anyone Else): Engaging Teens as Change-makers in Ending Sexual Assault in High School

The Connecticut Model for PK-12 Title IX Implementation

Two Veterans of Title IX Discuss Some of the Toughest Cases in PK-12