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2018 Articles and Law Review

December 2018

AACC Summary of Proposed Title IX Regulations

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Discussion of Issues That Frequently Arise in Sexual Misconduct-Related Litigation Against Colleges and Universities

Cunningham, Sweeney Bills to Combat Sexual Assault on College Campuses Clear Committee

DOE: New Proposed Title IX Regulations Article

I’m A Man and it Took Me Years to Recognize I Had Been Sexually Assaulted

Institutional Security Policies and Crime Statistics

Is It Time To Retire ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’?

Nearly 300 Professors, Lawyers, And Title IX Experts Sign Letter in Favor of New Title IX Regulations

Needed Update to Campus Sexual Harassment Policy Goes Too Far

Rape by Fraud

The Proposed Title IX Rules Make No Practical, Moral or Legal Sense

What You Think You Know About the Proposed Title IX Regulations

Dem Senators Call on DeVos to Rescind New Campus Sexual Assault Policies

Is Gender Bias an Intended Feature of Teaching Evaluations?

Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex in Education Programs or Activities Receiving Federal Finance Assistance

Same Course, Different Ratings

Updated AGB Advisory Statement on Sexual Misconduct

Why We Must Stop Relying on Student Ratings of Teaching

What Went Wrong in a University Harassment Investigation and How Officials Are Trying to Fix It

What You Need to Know About the Proposed Title IX Regulations

November 2018

ACLU Rebukes New Title IX Regulations

Betsy DeVos Set to Bolster Rights of Accused in Rewrite of Sexual Assault Rules

Can the House Fight the Regulations?

Case Reveals Shame, Trauma of Male Sex Trafficking Victims

Conference Breakdown: Sexual Misconduct Complaints at Each Power 5 School

Education Department’s Civil Rights Office Retreats, Will Consider Claims Filed en Masse

Education Departments Draft Rules to Allow Cross-Examination of Accusers in Sexual Assault Cases: Report

Guidance from ‘Know your IX’

House Democrats Say They Will Fight DeVos’ Proposal on School Sexual Assault

Interviews with Victims vs. Suspects: Start by Believing and the Questions of Bias

Lawsuit: Purdue Accused of ‘Chilling’ Retaliation on Women Who Reported Sexual Assault

Likely University Victory at 2nd Circuit

NCAA Common Ground IV at BYU: Asking Sincere Questions, Finding Radical Hope

New Education Department Rules to Change Procedures for Campus Sexual-Assault Cases

New Uncertainty on Title IX

Medical Amnesty Policy for Florida State University

NPRM Issued by OCR, New Regulations Proposed

OTL: College Athletes Three Times More Likely to be Named in Title IX Sexual Misconduct Complaints

Petition Asking Department of Education to Extend the Notice and Comment Period

What Betsy DeVos’ New Ruling Means for Sexual Assault Survivors at Community Colleges

What the DeVos Title IX Rule Means for Misconduct Off Campus

What is the Future of a Right to Confrontation in Campus Title IX Proceedings? New Draft Federal Regulations and Holdings in the 6th Circuit Point in Different Directions.

Why Can’t Young Feminists Seem to Acknowledge Their Agency, or Fathom That They Experience Desire at All?

October 2018

Alumnus’s Lawsuit Against BC Leads to Vacated Decision, Jury Trial

Department of Education Ignored Widespread Support of Obama Administration Title IX Sexual Violence Guidance Universities: Differentiate Between Bad Grades and Sexual Assault

How we know Kavanaugh is Lying

EEOC Doubles Down on Transgender Protections as Conflict Intensifies

EEOC Leads the Way in Preventing Workplace Harassment

Tennessee High School Athletic Director Put on Leave After Blamming Girls for Athletic Shorts Ban

Federal Agency Withholds Some Chicago Public Schools Funding

Lawmakers Unveil Proposal to Redefine What Sexual Harassment Means in Minnesota

Likely University Victory at Second Circuit

University of Montana Fined Nearly $1 Million for Clery Act Violations; UM to Appeal

NPR: How Notions of Sex, Power and Consent are Changing on College Campuses

NY State Case Rules Hearsay Admissible in Campus Sexual Misconduct Proceedings

NY State Education Department: Complying with Education Law Article 129-B New York State Education

PCAR: Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Schools

Religious Extremists Got Their Justice. Now They’re Going to Strip LGBTQ Rights.

The Intersection of Free Speech and Harassment

Transgender Could be Defined Out of Existence Under Trump Administration

Trump Administration May End Legal Recognition of Transgender Americans

Virginia’s Legislative Law System: Academic Transcripts, Suspension, Permanent Dismissal, or Withdraw from Institution

Wayne State Facing $127,000 Fine for Faulty Crime Reporting

September 2018

Appeals Court: UM Must Allow Cross-Examination in Sex Assault Cases

Court: In Campus Sex Assault Case, Evidence of Victim’s Sexual History Should Have Been Allowed Universities: Differentiate Between Bad Grades and Sexual Assault

EEOC Leads the Way in Preventing Workplace Harassment

FIRE Statement on Office for Civil Rights’ use of ‘anti-Semitism’ Definition

Here’s The Most Alarming Part of Betsy DeVos’ Proposed Sexual Misconduct Guidelines

New U.S. Sexual Misconduct Rules Bolster Rights of Accused and Protect Colleges

New York Times: Grassley Extends Negotiation Deadline for Christine Blasey Ford

NFS Fact Sheet: Next Steps Against Harassment

NFS Moves Forward Plan to Link Funding to Appropriate Conduct

NPR: How Notions of Sex, Power and Consent are Changing on College Campuses

NY State Education Department: Complying with Education Law Article 129-B New York State Education

PCAR: Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Schools

The National Law Journal: Are Schools Increasingly Acting as a Minor Judiciary, Holding Quasi-Trials?

U-M: Court Decision on Sex Assault Hearings Unfair for Poor Students

Using Myths and Facts for Prevention

Virginia’s Legislative Law System: Academic Transcripts, Suspension, Permanent Dismissal, or Withdraw from Institution

What is the Future of a Right to Confrontation in Campus Title IX Proceedings? New Draft Federal Regulations and Holdings in the Sixth Circuit Point in Different Directions

Yale May Have Violated Federal Law by Destroying Notes in Sexual-Misconduct Proceedings

August 2018

Addressing Sexual Violence on Campus and at Universities

Brock Turner Loses Appeal to Overturn Sexual Assault Conviction

Comedian Andy Gross Accused of Sexual Harassing Purdue Student During a Show

Department of Education’s OCR to Scale Back Title IX Investigations

Don’t Believe Betsy DeVos. Title IX Already Has a Fair Process for Students Accused of Sexual Assault

Family of Dead Pledge Sues Louisiana State University

How Smartphone Apps Could Change the Way Sexual Assault is Reported

Judge Changing the Way Universities Handle Sexual Assault Investigations

Little Agreement Between the Sexes on Tackling Harassment, Working Mother/ABA Journal Survey Finds

It Takes Years to Investigate a Campus Sexual Violence Complaint

Rather Than Defend Title IX Procedures at Trial, Duke Settles with Accused Soccer Player

Sixth Circuit: Can the University of Michigan “Set Up a Kangaroo Court?”

This Autistic Student Asked For a ‘Fist Bump’ and a Selfie. He Got Two Title IX Investigations

Violence Against Women Act is About to Expire

July 2018

Experts: University of Kentucky’s Sexual Assault Policy May Be Illegal

Professor Demands Title IX Investigation After Northeastern Professor Calls for Hatred of Men

SurvJustice Joins 11 Other Organizations to Request Correction and Rescission of DeVos’ 2017 Dear Colleague Letter Pursuant to the Information Quality Act

Title IX Sexual Assault Investigations in Public Institutions of Higher Education: Constitutional Due Process Implications of the Evidentiary Standard Set Forth in the Department of Education’s 2011 Dear Colleague Letter

When Jurisdiction Matters in Campus Rape

June 2018

Betsy DeVos and the Department of Education Get Sued for Abandoning Discrimination Complaints

Deliberate Indifference: Can a School be Liable for Acting When the Victim Requests Inaction?

DeVos Has Scuttled More Than 1200 Civil Rights Probes Inherited From Obama

Equipping Women to Stop Campus Rape

Federal Appeals Court Slaps Down Boston College for Dean Telling Title IX Adjudicators How to Rule

Great Consent Debate at The Dartmouth

Harassment Unchecked

Kenneth Marcus Narrowly Wins Senate Approval for Top Civil Rights Post

Mutually Non-Consensual Sex

One Program is Proven to Reduce Campus Rape. Why Don’t we Teach It?

Rape at Universities: One Program is Proven to Reduce It

Senate Committee Grills Former Michigan State University President About Larry Nassar

May 2018

11 ‘I’m Sorries’ a Woman Should Never Say

17 Things Therapists Want You To Know Before Your First Session

29 Things No One Ever Tells You About Being in Therapy

45 Stories of Sex and Consent on Campus

A Beginner’s Guide to Starting Therapy

After the Dear Colleague Letter: Developing Enhanced Due Process Protections for Title IX Sexual Assault Cases at Public Institutions

Ask Your Baby’s Permission Before Changing Diaper, Says Sexual Consent Expert

Bill Cosby’s Crimes and the Impact of #MeToo on the American Legal System

Brigham Young University Reporting Rates Increase 400%

Colorado State Leadership Refuse Bipartisan Bill to Protect Survivors of Campus Sexual Assault

Confused about Michigan Medicaid Reform? These maps and charts explain all

Feds Aim for Fall Release of Campus Sexual Misconduct Rule

Here’s How to Know if You Could Benefit From Therapy

How Due Process Became a New Front in the Culture Wars

Jordan Peterson, Custodian of the Patriarchy

Jordan Peterson’s Tired Old Myths

Judge Approves Anti-Male Bias Lawsuit Against University-In the Hearing Itself

Judge: Past Rape Reports Against Ex-MSU Football Player Robinson Can Be Used in Trial

Judge Rules Advocate Not Entitled to Immunity from Personal Liability

Male Student Accuses Female Student of Sexual Assault. She Says He Wanted Revenge

Misunderstanding ‘Harassment’

Revenge Porn and the Tricky, Delicate Balance Between Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Privacy

Senators Reach Deal on Sexual Harassment Legislation

Show Dogs, Don’t Let Your Children be Groomed, Use This to Teach Them

Swedish Law Now Recognizes Sex Without Consent as Rape

The New York Times Enters the Icy Domain of Jordan Peterson, the Incel’s Intellectual

The Sexual Revolution’s Angry Children

They Revealed Harassment Claims Against a Professor and Were Disciplined

US Department of Education Investigating Anti-Male Discrimination at Yale

April 2018

23 Cornell Law Professors File Appellate Amicus Brief AGAINST Cornell

ABA Task Force Recommends Due Process Protections in Campus Sexual Assault Investigations

American Psychological Association: Compelled Disclosure of College Sexual Assault

DeVos Education Department Begins Dismissing Civil Rights Cases in Name of Efficiency

How the Conversation About Campus Sexual Violence Began

Talking about a student’s grades in front of class – FERPA Violation?

The Chronicle of Higher Education – The Honorable but Thankless Work of Leading Sexual-Assault Investigations

Journal of Adolescent Health Study on Trans Youth

Notes from the Quad: Stanford’s Resolution Agreement with OCR

Shut Down on the Grounds of Child Porn and Endangerment of Women Petition

The College Fix-Title IX Administrator: All Accused Students Have Caused ‘Harm,’ Schools Are Never Wrong

‘Trauma Informed’ Approaches to Sex Assault are Catching On. They’re Also Facing a Backlash

UNC Must Disclose Sexual Assault Findings, Judges Rule

University of California Ordered to Pay Attorney Fees

Without Warning System, Schools Often ‘Pass the Trash’ – And Expose Kids to Danger

March 2018

37 Universities on the Status of Bill Cosby’s Honorary Degrees

Criminal Prosecution of Yale Student Ends in Not Guilty Verdicts

DeVos: ‘I Don’t Know’ Whether Sexual Assaults Outnumber False Accusations

DOJ Places Website Rule-making on the “Inactive” List

Federal Defamation and Privacy Lawsuit Against Laura Kipnis by Title IX Complaint to Proceed

Federal Lawsuit by Accused Student Against University of Dayton and Alleged Victim is Dismissed

Lawsuit Against UMass System Dismissed

Muskingum University Loses Motion to Dismiss on Multi-Count Complaint

Pomona Student Awarded $255,000 on Attorney Fees

PinkNews: 15 Ways You Can Stay Safe on Grindr and Other Dating Apps

The Section 508 Refresh and What It Means for Higher Education

Title IX Erroneous Outcome Claim Against Marymount Survives Motion to Dismiss

When David Beat Goliath, Once More

February 2018

A College’s List of Alleged Rapists

A Federal Court Just Ruled for Gay Rights in a Major Discrimination Case

A Title IX Win for the Accused

Bill Would Hold College Presidents Accountable for Sexual Abuse by Employees

Duke Settles Long-Running Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit with Lewis McLeod

FIRE-Backed Lawsuit Challenging Department of Education’s Unlawful Title IX Mandate Voluntarily Withdrawn

Judge Recommends JMU pay $850K to Responding Party for Attorney’s Fees

Judge Side with Junior Ciaran McKenna in Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Duke

NSF Notice to College Presidents

NSF to Require Reporting of Researchers Who Harass

NWLC Files Amicus Brief in Weckhorst Case Appeal

Power of the Purse

“Run over by a really bad process,” Duke Soccer Player Has His Day in Court

January 2018

Paternalistic Duty to Protect? Predicting Men’s Decisions to Confront Sexism

Aziz Ansari College Education Affirmative Consent Article

Lecturer’s Critique of Whiteness Crossed the Line into Harassment, State Investigation Finds

If Aziz Ansari were a college student, he would likely be expelled. That should alarm us.

One Strike is Enough

Penn State Loses Motion to Dismiss

The Paradox of Protecting

The Section 508 Refresh and What it Means for Higher Education

SUNY Hearing Decision Overturned

Title IX Failures

Why is Fraternity Membership Associated with Sexual Assault? Exploring the Roles of Conformity to Masculine Norms, Pressure to Uphold

2017 Articles and Law Review

December 2017

High School Graduation Gowns

Inside a Training Course for Campus Sexual-Assault Officers

The Takedown of Title IX

The #MeToo Moment: How to Be a (Good) Bystander

The California Sunday Magazine, “She Didn’t Say No. But She Didn’t Say Yes”

UC-San Francisco Fires Title IX Director Who Couldn’t Keep Up With Repeated Changes to Harassment Definitions

UCSF Fired Head of Sexual Harassment Prevention Office

November 2017

Penn Settles with Student Accused of Rape

Jury Awards Transgender Professor $1.1 Million in Discrimination Case

Presumption of Innocence

Abusers and Enablers in Faculty Culture

A Critique of Training Elements that Many Plaintiff’s Attorneys Have Been Using Against Schools

End Rape on Campus (EROC): Map

October 2017

NY Times: What Experts Know About Men Who Rape

Gov. Brown Vetoes SB-169 in California

Article relevant to Concept of “Knew or Should Have Known”

Title IX Protection Act Proposed

HuffPost Articles “If Trump Wants a War on Women, These Lawyers Are Ready for Battle”

Sample Mediator Ground Rules –

First Woman to Receive Football Scholarship

Lawsuit Challenges Devos’ Guidance on Campus Sexual Assault

Disability Guidance Documents Withdrawn

Who’s Afraid of Title IX?

Discussion Paper: Youth with Sexually Harmful Behaviors

Harvey Fierstein Responds to Being Mistaken for Harvey Weinstein

Anti-BDS Advocated Kenneth Marcus Tapped for Top Education Post

This is Why Sexual Harassment Can’t Truly Be Rooted Out

September 2017

AAUP JAF Article: Title IX and Shared Governance, Academic Freedom, Due Process

Tyler Kinkade of Buzzfeed Fact-Checks DeVos and Interim Guidance

OCR Closes Four-Year Systemic Review at CU Boulder

CAPPA Position Statement on Title IX

Letter from Congress to Secretary DeVos

Department of Justice Investigating USUS Title IX Practices

What DeVos Got Wrong in Her Speech on the ‘Dear Colleague’ Letter

What Were You Wearing Exhibit at KU Takes Aim at Sexual Assault Myth

The Bad Science Behind Campus Response to Sexual Assault

Education Secretary Announces Intent to Change OCR Title IX Enforcement

Leaked DOJ Memo Recommends Making Rape Victims Sexual History Fair Play in Campus Hearings

Devos to Rescind Obama Era Title IX Order on Withholding School Funds for Assault Inaction

The Transcript of Betsy Devos Title IX Speech Lays Out her Plan for Revamping the System

A DeVos Speech on Title IX Heightens Advocates’ Fears that a Rollback is Imminent

USC Expelled a Football Star for Allegedly Abusing His Girlfriend, Even Though She Denies It Happened

NPR Coverage of Post-Rescission Responses

32 Senators Condemn Rescission of the DCL

The DOJ’s New Anti-Gay Legal Posture Just Got Shut Down in Federal Court

August 2017

Northern Kentucky University Settles Sex Assault Case

Fairness for all Students Under Title IX, Harvard University

Defamation, Title IX Cases Move Forward Against LU

Report: Department of Education Takes Issue with ODU Response to Alleged Rape

Experts: UW-Madison Sexual Harassment Policies Could Make it Hard to Track Repeat Offender

Behind the Curious Case of USC’s Star-Crossed Student Athletes

Federal Government Investigating Anchorage School District’s Handling of Sexual Violence Report

School Agrees to Pay Transgender Student $120K in Gender Discrimination Settlement

U.S. Asks Court to Put Hold on Lawsuit as It Reviews 2011 Title IX Guidance

Jury Rules Against Plaintiffs in Pepperdine University Sexual Orientation Discrimination Case

Pulling Back on Title IX Enforcement

Federal Sex-Assault Investigations Are Being Resolved More Often. These 11 Cases Show How.

July 2017

The Justice Department Just Argued Against Gay Rights In A Major Federal Case

The First Circuit and Boston College

Judge Blocks Cornell from Suspending Male who Accused Female Sex Partner of Rape

DeVos Civil Rights Chief Apologizes for Remarks on Sexual Assault

I’m a College President. Betsy DeVos should help me deal with campus sexual assault.

DeVos to Move Quickly to Change Title IX Guidance on Sexual Assault

Matter of Doe v. Skidmore College

Deal Reached in Former Athlete’s Lawsuit Against CSU-Pueblo

A Failed Defense of Federal Meddling in College Discipline

Allegheny College Settles With Student Peer Says Was Accused In Revenge For Not Dating Girl He Slept With

June 2017

College Lawyers Welcome New Clarity of Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights

Federal Register: Evaluation of Existing Regulations

Yale Appeals Decision Forbidding Designation of More Gender-Neutral Bathrooms in Law Building

UA Near Top of the Title IX Head Coach Diversity Study

Tracking Athletes’ Sex Off

The U.S. Department of Education Must Not Be Allowed to Roll-Back Progress on Tackling Campus Sexual Violence Under Title IX

May 2017

Trump Administration Plans to Minimize Civil Rights Efforts in Agencies

Transgender Teen Wins Landmark Ruling Over Right to Use Boys Bathroom

Campus Rape Policies as Law for All? Legal Group Says No

Two UF Administrators Lose Jobs Over Poor Judgement

There Is No Easy Way to Clean Up Obama’s Title IX Mess

Sex Assaults in High School Sports Minimized as ‘Hazing’

Uncomfortable Conversations: Confronting the Reality of Target Rape on Campus

Jocelyn Samuels Appointed Next Executive Director of Williams Institute

Trump Administration Hires Official Whom Five Students Accused of Sexual Assault

April 2017

Who’s to blame for Jeremy Faulk’s NFL draft predicament?

Tyann Sorrell receives $1.7M from UC in landmark sexual harassment settlement

Two Books Explore the Furor Over Rape on Campus

2 Education Dept. Picks Raise Fears on Civil Rights Enforcement

Court: Civil Rights Law Prohibits Discrimination of LGBT

Eyewitness to a Title IX Witch Trial

Anti-Clinton Lawyer Apparently is Tapped for Key Civil-Rights Post

Bathroom Law Repeal Leaves Few Pleased in North Carolina

March 2017

Bessel van der Kolk How Trauma Lodges in the Body

Tulsa Law Review – Dear Colleague: Title IX Coordinators and Inconsistent Compliance with the Laws Governing Campus Sexual Misconduct, Volume 52, Issue 1, Fall 2016

Deadnaming a Trans Person in Violence? – So Why Does the Media do it Anyway?

Kentucky Governor Signs Anti-LGBTQ SB 17 into Law

Georgia Campus Rape Bill Appears Dead for the Year, Sponsor Says

University Committee Considers Adopting Affirmative Consent Standard for Title IX Policy

Despite New Administration, EEOC Maintains Position that Title VII Prohibits Gender Identity Discrimination

U.S. Education Department Reaches Agreement with Palo Alto Unified School District to Ensure Prompt, Equitable Responses to Reports of Violations of Title IX

Dear Colleague: Title IX Coordinators and Inconsistent Compliance With the Laws Governing Campus Sexual Misconduct, Tulsa Law Review

Privatization, State Action, and Title IX: Do Campus Sexual Assault Hearings Violate Due Process

February 2017

Hurry Up and Heal: Pain, Productivity, and the Inadequacy of ‘Victim vs. Survivor’

Judge Sees Bias in College Action Against Alleged Rapist

Judge rules San Diego State railroaded accused student by denying him adequate defense

Civil rights enforcement is needed, when some school administrators call sexual harassment merely “urban culture”

Justice Department Begins Rollback of Transgender Students’ Bathroom Rights

A Problematic Framework for Modeling False Title IX ‘Convictions’ Under the Preponderance of Evidence Standard

Obama Precedent Empowers Trump Against Campus Protest Culture

Fairness and Campus Tribunals

January 2017

In Letter to College Presidents, Biden Urges Continued Fight Against Sexual Assault

Jerry Sandusky sex-abuse scandal has cost Penn State nearly a quarter-billion dollars

People Are Telling Trump’s Education Nominee To Protect Rape Survivors

In Letter to College Presidents, Biden Urges Continued Fight Against Sexual Assault

At the University of Oregon, No More Free Speech for Professors on Subjects such as Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation

2016 Articles and Law Review

‘Sanctuary Campuses’ Invite a Federal Standoff

The 7the Circuit Looks Poised to Rule that Anti-Gay Employment Discrimination is Already Illegal

What A Trump Presidency Could Mean For Combating Campus Rape

Fight Over the Recording of Title IX Proceedings Exposes Gaps in Law and Trust

How This Poster in a Woman’s Restroom at a Bar Cleverly Combats Sexual Assault

“Only Yes Means Yes”: An Essay on University Policies Regarding Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault

Supreme Court Will Rule on Transgender Rights

U.S. Supreme Court Takes Up Major Transgender Rights Case

Ex-assistant Mike McQueary awarded over $7M in Penn State defamation case

Madison Student Accused of Serial Sexual Assaults

Judge sides against parents who want to ban transgender student from locker room in District 211

Judge reaffirms nationwide ban on Obama transgender school bathroom policy

Conservative legal tactic could imperil Clinton agenda

Judge recommends against transgender locker room ban

One in Three U.S. Women Worry About Being Sexually Assaulted

Patsy Mink Gender Equity in Education Act Introduced in House and Senate

Violence and Gender: The Dirty Dozen: Twelve Risk Factors for Sexual Violence on College Campuses (DD-12)

Syllabus as Harassment

What a Landmark Finding in a Title IX Case Means for Colleges Wrestling With Sex Assault

The Drunk Sex Problem

Baylor’s Former Title IX Coordinator Says She Was Set Up to Fail

EEOC Issues Final Enforcement Guidance on Retaliation and Related Issues

Students Accused of Sexual Misconduct had Title IX Rights Violated by Wesley College, Says U.S. Department of Education

The First Trailer For MTV’s ‘Sweet/Vicious’ Tackles Campus Sexual Assault Head On

A hostile system? How colleges are responding to campus sexual assaults

University Of Maryland Passes Title IX Costs On To Students

White House Issues Wake-Up Call For K–12 Schools on Sexual Assault

Fraternities and Campus Sexual Violence: Risk, Protection, and Prevention

A Plain Language Explanation of Distinctions Between the New York State Penal Law and the College Disciplinary Processes

Black Lives Matter Must Rescind Anti-Israel Declaration

Law Professors Defend Use of Preponderance Standard in Campus Rape Cases

How American College Campuses Have Become Anti-Due Process

Title IX Victory for Man Suing Over Sex Assault Finding

Feds open new probe of UVa over sex assault handling

Title IX Victory for Man Suing Over Sex Assault Finding

A University Makes a Rare Call to Ditch Its Title IX Exemption

Who Must Report?

Another California School District Settles Title IX Case Over Harassment and Discrimination of Transgender Student

Government Files Brief in Support of Transgender Student’s Title IX Lawsuit

Letter Opposing Violence from NAME

GOP Platform: Campus Rape Is for Police, Not Professors

Republican Leaders Just Proved They Don’t Understand Campus Sexual Assault

Supreme Court About To Enter Legal Fight Over Trans Rights And Bathroom Access

Bars Are Learning How To Stop Sexual Assault, And The NFL Is Helping

Slaughter Unveils Legislation To Bolster Title IX, Gender Equity In Education

Indiana University sued in civil court over Enochs rape charges

Students Want Stanford To Apologize For Brock Turner Sexual Assault

Man Charged With Raping 2 Women Gets Probation

Prosecutor Explains Plea Deal in Case of Indiana University Student Twice Accused of Rape

What It Looks Like When A University Truly Fixes How It Handles Sexual Assault

What One Rape Cost Our Family

Students Want Stanford To Apologize For Brock Turner Sexual Assault

Open Letter to the Administration and Trustees of Stanford University

There Are Far More Title IX Investigations Of Colleges Than Most People Know

Former UVA Law Student Sues Department of Education

‘I hated this man more than my rapists’: Woman confronts football coach 18 years after alleged gang rape

Ed. Dept. Releases Guidance on Career and Tech Ed

“The Witness” details the life and death of Kitty Genovese

Joe Biden Writes An Open Letter To Stanford Survivor

Republican Congressman Demands The Court Overturn Stanford Sexual Assailant’s “Pathetic” Sentence

UConn ranks first in national report about campus rapes

Ex-Stanford swimmer to serve 6 months in unconscious woman’s rape

Here’s The Powerful Letter The Stanford Victim Read Aloud To Her Attacker

Brock Turner’s Father Sums Up Rape Culture In Brief Statement

‘20 minutes of action’: father defends Stanford student son convicted of sexual assault

Statement regarding Brock Turner case

Former Stanford Student Sentenced To Six Months In Jail For Sexual Assault

L.A. school district reaches $88-million settlement in sex misconduct cases at two campuses

Transgender men who experience pregnancy after female-to-male gender transitioning

If The Senate Can Agree On One Thing, It’s Basic Rights For Rape Survivors

Baylor Fires President Ken Starr Amid Football Team’s Rape Scandal

The Big Uneasy: What’s roiling the liberal arts campus?

$10M rape lawsuit against Virginia Wesleyan goes to trial

Jury sides with Virginia Wesleyan College in $10M lawsuit case

Oregon Lays out Sweeping Protections for Transgender Students

Sex assault on drunk girl recorded by middle school girls, police say

Sexual Harassment Training may have Reverse Effect, Research Suggest

The Truth about Lie Detectors (aka Polygraph Tests)

U.S. Department of Education and Justice Release Joint Guidance to Help Schools Ensure the Civil Rights of Transgender Students

Rape Survivors Say Brigham Young’s Honor Code Kept them from Speaking Out

Attorney’s Tactic in Yale Sexual Misconduct Case Raises Questions

‘Yes’ to Sex? Students Consider What That Looks and Sounds Like

If You Think Trans Bathroom Access Doesn’t Matter, Listen To This Girl’s Story

Attorney’s Tactic in Yale Sexual Misconduct Case Raises Questions

NC School Board Member Encourages Students to Pepper Spray Trans Classmates

U.S. Directs Public Schools to Allow Transgender Access to Restrooms

Sexual harassment training may have reverse effect, research suggests

Justice Department: HB2 violates Civil Rights

Why Colleges Are Worried About A New Sexual Assault Reporting Website

Feds Publish Records On Schools Allowed To Discriminate Against LGBT Students

Interpreting Regulations

New App by Title IX Association Aims to Educate on Sexual Assault

Senators Fight for a Vote on Campus Rape Bill

Powerful state lawmaker calls for Georgia Tech president’s ouster

Wrongly accused of rape? Students question their expulsions from Tech

Brigham Young University under fire for disciplining sexual assault victim for ‘honor code’ breach

The Strict Liability Standard and Clinical Supervision

A Proposed Solution to the Challenges of Title IX Investigations in Higher Education

Welcoming Back Accused Serial Harasser

Prairie View A&A Fires Coach After She Suspends Lesbian Couple From Team

Coach Fired After Dismissing Dating Player From the Team

George Mason Student Accused in BDSM Sexual Affault Case Wins Rare Legal Victory

Harassment Problem Is Bigger than Berkeley

North Carolina Sued Over Anti-LGBT Law

The Sex Bureaucracy, 2016

New Kansas Law Allows Faith-Based Campus Groups to Restrict Members

Pro-Equality Groups Considering Legal Challenge to North Carolina’s Sweeping Anti-LGBT Law

FSU accidentally emailed assault, harassment and other complaints to 1600 students

Title IX as a Threat to Academic Freedom

Move Over, Snapchat: College Kids Are Using An App Called ‘Yeti: Campus Stories’ For Pics Of Sex, Drugs, And Partying

Huffington Post — High Schools Are Failing Girls Who Report Sexual Assault

Huffington Post — He Admitted To Sexual Assault, But She’s The One They Tried To Silence

This Explosive Lawsuit Could Change How Colleges Deal with Athletes Accused of Sexual Assault

The Secret Language of Narcissists: How Abusers Manipulate Their Victims

State ed board considers policy on LGBTQ students

University Found Responsible for Bias on an Internship

Title IX and Pregnancy Discrimination in Higher Education: The New Frontier

“If I Consent” Part II: I Never Consented to Silence

A Closer Look at 7 Common Requirements in Resolved Federal Sex-Assault Inquiries

How Christian Universities are Becoming a Battleground for LGBT Rights

Does the Field of Science Have a Sexual Misconduct Problem?

U.S. Lawmakers Plan to Combat Sexual Harassment by Scientists Could Get Complicated

This App for Victims of Sexual Assault Is a Terrible Idea — and It’s Not an Outlier

NASA Administrator Communicates Harassment Policies to Grantees

Bernie is Wrong About Rape

U.S. Department of Education Releases Dear Colleague Letter to Educational Leaders Addressing Worldwide Refugee Crisis

College Students Are Sooo Sensitive….

2015 Articles and Law Review

The Other Side of the Sexual Assault Crisis

For Study-Abroad Offices, Sexual-Assault Cases May Be Unfamiliar Territory

What do you see is the greatest change fraternities and sororities should be focusing on?

Who must report?

Feminism for first-graders, and other ways to support early gender equity

ATIXA States Position on Provisions of 5 Campus Safety Bills

ATIXA Issues Open Letter to North American Interfraternity Conference and National Panhellenic Conference

ATIXA Position Statement on the Five Campus Safety Bills Now Before Congress

Legalities, Legislation, and Initiatives Surrounding Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Ensure compliance with VAWA updates

California Looks Again at Powers in Wake of Marcy Case

ATIXA: Schools Must Protect LGBT, Gender Non-Conforming Students from Harassment

ATIXA Issues Position Statement on Title IX, Gender Identity and Gender Expression

Enough time for justice.

Students Punished for Sexual Assault Should Have Transcripts Marked, Title IX Group Says

Fewer Than One-Third of Campus Sexual Cases Result In Expulsion

ATIXA Issues Position Statement in Favor of Notation of Expulsion and Suspension on College and University Transcripts

The Dirty Dozen: Twelve Risk Factors for Sexual Violence on College Campuses (DD-12)

Why sex ed needs to start in elementary school

What ‘Yes-Means-Yes’ means for colleges’ sex-assault investigations.

Response by Lisak et al to the JAMA article

ATIXA Issues Letter of Support to CAPPA Leadership Council

The Crisis of Campus Sexual Violence: Critical Perspectives on Prevention and Response

Baylor, Art Briles Ignored Responsibility in Admitting Sam Ukwuachu

‘Yes Means Yes’ Laws Help Prevent Bad Behavior

Judge Rules Former UTC Wrestle Accused of Rape Shouldn’t Have Been Expelled

ATIXA Issues Position Statement on the Need for Victim Advocates

Staying confidential

Why campus reporting options are necessary for survivors of sexual assault

At UNC, responsibilities for sexual assault education are shared

California Judge Rules UCSD Student Was Unfairly Punished for Sex Assault

USF Student Who Deleted Emails About His Sexual Assault Charge Latest to Lose in Title IX Lawsuit

Outsourced Campus Judges

ATIXA Released Updated Sex/Gender Based Harassment, Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Model Policy and Procedures

Another Challenge on Campus Sexual Assault: Getting Minority Students to Report

Kipnis Case Highlights Perilous Clash of Title IX and Academic Freedom

Full Court Press: Sexual Harassment Has Colleges Walking Fine Line

This Is Where the Law Messes Up When Talking About Sexual Violence

Suits from the Accused

UCSF Let a Student Accused of Sexual Assault Finish His Classes Before Punishing Him

Full court press: Sexual harassment has colleges walking fine line

Fraternities’ ranks swell at a time of intense public scrutiny

Official campus statistics for sexual violence mislead

106 Colleges Are Under Federal Investigation For Sexual Assault Cases

Title IX Association’s New Super Member Strategy

Title IX Coordinators Required

Summary Sheet of New Guidance from OCR Released April 24th

Office for Civil Rights Issues New Guidance to Educators on Title IX

ATIXA Announces New Super Member Category

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Vassar College Filed By Student Expelled for Sexual Assault

Should Students Sit on Sexual Assault Panels?

Four Charts Show What Happens to Colleges Accused of Discrimination

Frat to Pursue Legal Action Against Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone and UVA: The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism Report

Due Process Denied: Judge Finds Against Vassar Student Accused of Sexual Assault

Occidental Justice: The Disastrous Fallout When Drunk Sex Meets Academic Bureaucracy

30 Frats shut down in the past month as colleges respond to misconduct more aggressively

Rutgers Student Criticizes University After Sexual Assault

Frats are the Problem. Could They also be the Solution?

ATIXA’s Response to “Chronicle Conversation”

Just How Private are College Students’ Campus Counseling Records

Open Letter: Sexual Assault Complaints: Protecting Complainants and the Accused Students at Universities

Investigation into alleged sexual assault at Duke expands

Trading the Megaphone for the Gavel in Title IX Enforcement

Senate’s Revamped Sexual-Assault Bill Puts More Pressure on Colleges

Study: College Athletes are More Likely to Gang Rape

UT’s Handling of Sexual Assault Report Devastates Woman

Boulder Firm Takes on High-Profile Title IX Sex Assault Cases

Columbia Student: I Didn’t Rape Her

Tim Kaine, Claire McCaskill Bill Would Require Sexual Assault Education in Public High Schools

Endangering a Trust

Lawyers are dealing with changing rules on college sexual assault

Colleges call in legal pros to handle sexual-assault cases

How drunk is too drunk to have sex?

Sorority Anti-Rape Idea: Drinking on Own Turf

Student sues University of Oregon, coach over alleged gang-rape

Sex, Lies and Justice: Can we reconcile the belated attention to rape on campus with due process?

CUNY: Don’t Address Students as ‘Mr.’ or ‘Ms.’

Campus Sexual Assault Report Options Q&A

Study Examines Rape, Hypermasculinity and Hostility in College Men

Huffington Post Publishes List of 94 Postsecondary Institutions that Have Pending Title IX Sexual Violence Investigations

Boulder firm takes on high-profile Title IX sex assault cases

CU-Boulder students push for statewide ‘yes means yes’ sexual consent policy

2014 Articles and Law Review

Princeton Has a Shadow Fraternity System Nobody Controls

Princeton Eating Club Ousts 2 Officers Over Emails Ridiculing Women

Compassionate But Impartial

DCSAA Holds Title IX Workshop to Educate Administrators Responsible for Compliance

Gang Rape Allegation Puts Title IX Investigation Back in Spotlight

Consultant defends UVa’s sexual misconduct policies

Why it’s dangerous to discuss campus rape only at its most extreme

Accrediting agency preparing to review how UVa addresses sexual assault; state lawmakers reporting plans

Mandatory reporting on Seattle University and campuses across the country

Colleges cut ties with Cosby as the list of women accusing him of assault hits 20

UVA Consultant: College a Model for Sexual Assault Response

Male Student Sues CU Over Sexual Assault Case

The Case for Student Shields

SGA Urges UNA to Provide Gender-Neutral Restrooms

Princeton University Found in Violation of Title IX

OCR Concludes Investigation, New Agreement Brings Princeton into Title IX Compliance

The wrong standard

When a Student Confides a Rape, Should a Professor Have to Report It?

At Florida State, Football Clouds Justice

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Survey Results: 2014 Community Attitudes on Sexual Assault

The “Yes Means Yes” World

Making Sense of “Yes Means Yes”

Olympic Medalist Hogshead-Makar Launches Champion Women Non-Profit

For Women and Girls, the Common Core is a Step Toward Gender Equity

Pro Due Process Does Not Equate to Pro Rape

Consultants from The NCHERM Group, LLC Have Been Engaged as Expert Witnesses in Jameis Winston/FSU Lawsuit

CalArts to Alleged Rape Victim: How Long was your Dress?

Final Regulations for the VAWA Amendments to the Clergy Act will be published Monday, October 20th

85 Colleges Are Now Under Federal Investigation For Sexual Assault Cases

Sexual Assault Reports Jump 61% at Top Colleges in Two Years

Everyone Hates the New App That’s Meant to Prevent Rape

Bullying not a thing of the past for college students

Yes means yes’ sexual assault prevention law has prototype in many college campus policies

Confidentiality Concerns

California Tells Students ‘Only Yes Means Yes’

OCR Sexual Violence – Open Investigations

Adjuncts, Retirements and Sexual Harassment: A Survey of Campus HR Leaders

Fewer Than One-Third of Campus Sexual Assault Cases Result in Expulsion

Princeton is the Final Ivy Leaguer to Lower Burden of Proof for Sexual Assault

When Yes Means Yes – California Lawmakers Redefine Campus Sexual Assault

Colleges are Rewriting What Consent Means to Address Sexual Assault

KU Policy: Rape is Less Bad if Victim had Sex with Rapist Before

Kent State University Sued by U.S. Justice Department for Not Allowing Student Who Suffered Panic Attacks to Have a Dog in Her Room

Students Demand University of Kansas Stop Calling Rape ‘Nonconsensual Sex’

CU-Boulder Defends Motives in Handling of Sexual Misconduct Cases

Records detail U. of I. sex-assault settlement

Colleges crack down on fraternities as safety concerns mount

Presumed Guilty

University of Kansas Considered Community Service Too ‘Punitive’ for Rape Punishment

California Passes First-Ever Bill to Define Sexual Consent on College Campuses

18 Questions to Ask About your School’s Sexual Assault Policy

An Open Letter to My Alma Mater’s Former President on College Rape

Cottage Industry on Preventing Sexual Assault

Title IX Gets New Guidelines and New Campus Coordinator

Consultant Bridges Gap During Nine-month Vacancy in Sexual Assault Office

Men Punished in Sexual Misconduct Cases on College Campuses are Fighting Back

CU-Boulder Defends Motives in Handling of Sexual Misconduct Cases

Whose Responsibility is it to Prevent Rape

Colleges Launch New Anti-Assault Efforts for the New Year

Outreach and Support Campus Act (S.O.S. Campus Act)

Survivor Outreach and Support Campus Act (S.O.S. Campus Act) Summary

The Campus Accountability & Safety Act – Section by Section Summary

The Campus Accountability & Safety Act (CASA): Full-Text of Proposed Legislation

Resource Center: Campus Accountability & Safety Act

The Campus Accountability & Safety Act (CASA): A One-Page Summary

Bipartisan Bill to Combat Campus Sexual Assault Announced

Alleged Campus Sexual Assault Spurs Action at Hobart and William Smith

When Free Speech and Friendliness Collide, Some Colleges are Caught in the Middle

The NCHERM Group to Indemnify Colleges on Sexual Misconduct Claims


ATIXA Response to Why, Exactly, are Colleges so Bad at Dealing with Rape?

Why, Exactly, Are Colleges So Bad at Dealing with Rape?

20% of Colleges Flout Federal Law in Handling Sexual Assault, Report Finds


Reporting Rape, and Wishing She Hadn’t – How One College Handled a Sexual Assault Complaint

Senator McCaskill: 40% of Colleges Don’t Investigate Rape

‘Wake Up Call’ on Sexual Assault – McCaskill Says Her Surveys Shows Colleges Falling Short

ATIXA Summary of Sexual Violence on Campus Report by Senator McCaskill

Sexual Violence on Campus – Survey Report from Senator Claire McCaskill

Harvard Creates New System for Combatting Sexual Harassment

Q&A with Harvard’s Title IX Officer

Campus Free-speech Limits Targeted by Lawsuits

Catholic University Student Recounts Her Struggles After Reporting a Sex Assault

Sexual Assault and Rape on U.S. College Campuses: Research Roundup

64 Colleges Are Now Under Investigation for Their Handling of Sexual Assaults

What ‘Affirmative Consent’ Actually Means

Federal Register – Proposed Rule to the Violence Against Women Act

The Department of Education Announces a New Rule to the Clery Act

Colleges Get New Rules on Dating Violence

University of Oregon Rejects Professor’s Plan for Sex Assault Survey

Opening New Front in Campus-Rape Debate, Brown Student Tells Education Department His Side

In Sexual-Misconduct Policies, Difficulty Arises in Defining ‘Yes.’

Colleges Get New Rules on Dating Violence

More College Men are Fighting Back Against Sexual Misconduct Cases

Ducks ban 3 from team activities

Education Department Expands Title IX Investigations, Bringing Total to 60 Colleges

White House Releases Plan to Curb Campus Sexual Assault

Should Campuses Just Push Sexual Assault Cases to Local Police?

Brown University Faces Federal Complaint for Allowing Rapist Back on Campus

Why College Rape Victims Don’t go to the Police

Some Victims of Sex Assault are Going Public in Identifying Those They Say Raped Them

College Administrators Learning to Be Sexual Misconduct Detectives

Fighting Sexual Assault – Amid Growing National Momentum, UT-Austin Takes Steps to Protect Incoming Students

KCRW Radio Interview – The Right to Be Forgotten, Young Readers & Title IX

Overreaching on Campus Rape

‘Doing Nothing is Always the Wrong Response’ to Sexual Assault Allegations

John Hopkins Clery Complaint Filed

Should Colleges Be Ranked for Sexual Assault?

Lately, Title IX Has Made Its Presence Felt Beyond the Playing Field

The Number of Title IX Investigations is Actually Higher Than Previously Disclosed

Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The Skewed White House Crusade on Sexual Assault

Sex Harassment at a Seminary?

Promise Unfulfilled?

In Sex-Harassment Cases, No One is Happy with Colleges’ Response

Sexual Assault Vigilantes

To Curb Sexual Assault on Campuses, Surveys Become a Priority

A Cultural Shift on Campus Sexual Assaults

A Star Player Accused, and a Flawed Rape Investigation

Schools Must Prevent the “Second Rape”

Behind Focus on College Assaults, a Steady Drumbeat by Students

Investigation: 285 days of Fear and Waiting

Task Force Recommends Ways Campuses Can Curb Sexual Assault

Tufts University Disputes Feds’ Noncompliance Claim

Aggressive Push on Sex Assault


Questions and Answers on Title IX and Sexual Violence, Released by the US Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, April 2014

Vice President Biden Speaks at the Event Releasing the White House Task Force Report

Not Alone: The First Report of the White House Task Force to Protect Students From Sexual Assault, Released by the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault, April 2014

White House to Press Colleges to Do More to Combat Rape

Harvard College Faces Probe For Alleged Mishandling Of Sexual Assault Cases

U.S. Department of Education Finds Tufts University in Massachusetts in Violation of Title IX for Its Handling of Sexual Assault and Harassment Complaints

Why Every College Student Should Know the Definition of Consent


Campus SaVE Act: 2 Viewpoints

Sex Crimes Now a Title IX Issue for Universities

Nonconsensual Sex: How Colleges Rebranded Rape

UM System Announces Hiring of The NCHERM Group, LLC to Provide Guidance to Sexual Assault and Mental Health Services Task Force


Senator McCaskill Sends Out Unprecedented Survey About Campus Rape to Colleges

Final Language from the VAWA Negotiated Rulemaking Committee

Dear Harvard: You Win

MU Employee Responsibilities Under Title IX Remain Unclear

ATIXA Leadership’s Visit to the White House; Official Press Release

Expert Discusses Sexual Assault Policies with Trinity Students

Ex-Notre Dame player’s remarks reopen wound

Draft Regulations for Discussion at Negotiated Rulemaking Session on Changes to the Clery Act by VAWA Released

ATIXA Executive Director, Brett Sokolow, quoted in New Republic

ATIXA Advisory Board Members Receive ASCA Awards

Sexual Assault Investigations – Mapping Tool

ATIXA Announces Grant to SCOPE

Sexual Assault at God’s Harvard

Stepping Up to Stop Sexual Assault

ATIXA Executive Director, Brett Sokolow, quoted in Columbia Missourian

ATIXA Executive Director, Brett Sokolow, interviewed on CNN

ATIXA Executive Director, Brett Sokolow, quoted on

ATIXA Executive Director, Brett Sokolow, Pens Response to President Obama

“Rape and Sexual Assault: A Renewed Call to Action” – A Report Released by the White House Council on Women and Girls

Title IX Experts Disagree About MU’s Obligation in Menu Courey Case

Police Investigate Alleged Rape of Collegiate Swimmer Who Died in Suicide

Mizzou Did Not Pursue Alleged Assault

Reasonable Accommodations? The Debate Over Service and Emotional Support Animals on College Campuses

2013 Articles and Law Review

Feds Will Investigate Title IX Complaint Against UConn

Advocates: Campus Sexual Violence Under-Addressed

Study Links Binge Drinking and Low Critical Thinking Skills

A Big Problem in How Campus Police Handle Sexual Assaults

Yeshiva U. Hires Lecturer With Criminal Record of Sexual Misconduct With Boys

After Y.U. Drama, What About Other Jewish Groups Where Akiva Roth Worked?

A List of College Football Rape Cases

American College Counseling Association Recognizes Brett A. Sokolow, J.D. for Professional Advocacy

Understanding Prevention Theory

Mandatory Reporting for Title IX: Keep It Simple

USC Alumna says university botched handling of her rape case 20 years ago

FIRE wins a battle, continues to mislead about the war

Campus sexual assault interview with Dana Bolger and Brett Sokolow

Campus rape victims find a voice

Colleges consider a new ‘blueprint’ for responding to sexual assault

Vulnerable students

Looking the other way?

Greeks as role models

College Drinking: Guys Get ‘Wasted’; Women Become ‘Tipsy’

Holding colleges responsible

Which matters more: Reporting assault or respecting a victim’s wishes?

Let’s not talk about it

Notre Dame University and the complexities of sexual assault cases

Settlement Ends Ongoing Title IX Litigation Against Quinnipiac

Defending the Preponderance of the Evidence Standard in College Adjudications of Sexual Assault

Frats worse than Animal House fail to pay for casualties

Organizations work to raise awareness to prevent rape

Slaying the messenger?

Despite conduct concerns, Oklahoma State University students are rarely expelled

Grown-up Bullying

Notre Dame Case Highlights Complexities of Campus Sexual Assault Investigations

2012 Articles and Law Review

Lead a Good Life, Everyone: Trey Malone’s Suicide Note

Landmark Law Goes Beyond Athletics to Promote Equality and Change

Hate Crime Hoaxes

Penn State Trustees Were Blind To Risk, Just Like Many Boards

How a Campus Might Have Dealt With a Bully

Date Rape Revisited

For Colleges Without Lawyers to Call Their Own

Know When to Discipline Students for Online Speech

2011 Articles and Law Review

Penn State of Mind

Getting through? How Catholic Colleges are Responding to Sexual Assault

NCHERM and ATIXA Respond to the Dear Colleague Letter on Campus Sexual Violence

Understand How 1st Amendment Applies to Online Speech

The Intersection of Free Speech and Harassment

Higher Education Risk Management

Feds Warn Colleges: Handle Sexual Assaults Properly

The New Rules of College Sex

Long Fights for Sports Equity, Even With a Law

Striving for Both Compliance and Fairness in Sexual-Assault Cases on Campus

Shutter Fraternities for Young Women’s Good

Proper Response to Sexual Assault Shields University from Liability

Colleges Face Conflicting Pressures in Dealing With Cases of Sexual Assault

Understanding the Predatory Nature of Sexual Violence

Sexual Harassment and the First Amendment: Will Your Policies Hold Up In Court?

2010 Articles and Law Review

Sex, Alcohol and Clear Consent

How to Do Threat Assessment Right on a College Campus

The Line: When Rape Victims Aren’t Perfect

Sexual Assault: A Matter of Civil Rights and Title IX

Sexual Assault on College and University Campuses: What You Don’t Know

No Crackdown on Assaults at Colleges