Mandated Reporter Training for Employees:
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Harassment, and Campus Crime
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Three federal laws, Title IX, The Clery Act and Title VII, create reporting responsibilities for campus employees, faculty and professional staff. Each law imposes differing responsibilities for different employees across our campuses, creating a confusing and inconsistent set of overlapping standards and expectations. Couple that with your own institutional policies around who serve as a mandated reporter and in what form, and immediately our employees become confused about what and when to report.

Campuses must train employees on their reporting responsibilities and assure that they are making all efforts to comply with expectations of the law. How are we supposed to do that? How do you assure that your team members, no matter what employee position they hold on your campus, know their expectations as a mandated reporter?

In early 2014, ATIXA heard your requests and introduced its original version of this training tool. Then, in response to VAWA Section 304 and valuable feedback from our users, we re-designed this tool to better meet the needs of your campus. We heard your requests for ATIXA to create the tool you need, and now you can train your employees with ease, online.

This online training is designed to inform employees about their duty to report sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, and other behaviors that fall under Title IX. This training can be used in large groups or individually and is appropriate for all employees, including staff, administrators, and faculty.

The training comprehensively covers reporting of sex and gender discrimination incidents, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, bullying, stalking and related behaviors, thus satisfying the expectations of Title IX and Title VII. The training also addresses the reporting of crimes and crime statistics for Clery Act compliance, when those crimes intersect with Title IX and Title VII.


ATIXA offers two versions of its Mandated Reporter Training for Employees – Version 1 and Version 2. Both of these trainings provide the same legislative review, offer additional details on reporting requirements and guidance on the Title IX Coordinator role. Where these two versions differ is in the definition of employee roles as a mandated reporter. This definition is driven by your institutional policies.

The training includes a 14-16 minute online video featuring Brett A. Sokolow, Esq., as well as support documents including a brief study guide, Powerpoint slides, and a printable proof-of-completion post-test that employees can use to demonstrate that they have completed the training. A pre-test is available to assess baseline knowledge for all institutions. The online format makes training your employees quick, clear, and cost-effective.


Through this training:

  1. Employees will understand their expectations as a university mandated reporter.
  2. Employees will be able to identify the university mandated reporter policy.
  3. Employees will review the three federal reporting laws and describe how each law imposes differing reporting standards.
  4. Employees will understand the duty to report sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, and other behaviors that fall under Title IX, Title VII and The Clery Act.
  5. Employees will be able to identify types of sex and/or gender discrimination.
  6. Employees will be able to identify the role of their university Title IX Coordinator.
  7. Employees will recognize their reporting responsibilities and be able to define their role as such.


To use this training, we encourage you to make sure that its content is compatible with your university or college policies and expectations. We believe the content of this training represents both best practices and what is required to assure compliance with the relevant federal statutes. To be most effective, a university will need to share its current policies related to Mandated Reporting, as our online training will reference this as a supplemental resource already provided to viewers.


This training is suitable for all institutional employees, whether they are supervisors or supervisees. It is suitable for administrators, confidential employees, and subcontractors.


The training features content addressing these topics:

  • Review of three federal laws that create reporting responsibilities – Title IX, The Clery Act & Title VII
  • Understanding Mandated Reporting as related to the 2011 Dear Colleague Letter & VAWA Section 304
  • Understanding Policy & the Duty to Report
  • The Role of the Title IX Coordinator
  • Reporting Responsibility by Employee Type
    • Mandatory Reporters
    • Anonymous Reporters
    • Confidential Reporters
  • Guiding Victim Reporting
  • The Duty to Report Crimes
  • Reporting Response


A one-time free viewing of this training is available to your campus so that you can evaluate the content to be sure that it is a good fit for your campus policy, employee reporting expectations, and training needs. Campuses can request to preview Version 1 & Version 2 of the trainings to determine what best fits your institution. The preview video(s) will be available for five business days. Access to the video(s) will expire after this time.

To request your free preview, please contact our team at or 610-644-7858. Click here to view a sample mandated reporting policy developed by ATIXA to support training of this kind.


Mandated reporter training is based on an annual fee. Because training is mandated for all employees, pricing is based on the total number of institutional employees you intend to train. Please note that in light of federal requirements, ATIXA recommends that all employees receive training on mandated reporting.

Current Pricing:

  • 1 to 250 employees = $4.00 per employee
  • 251 to 500 employees = $3.50 per employee
  • 501 to 1,000 employees = $3.00 per employee
  • 1,001 to 2,500 employees = $2.50 per employee
  • 2,501 to 5,000 employees = $2.00 per employee
  • 5,001 to 12,000 employees = $1.50 per employee
  • 12,000+ employees = $1.00 per employee


In conjunction with our CCC program, individuals and institutions alike can now take advantage of our Online Training Portal. This new system allows users to log in to view video-based trainings and accumulate credits. The system is based on purchasing “tokens,” or views, that are valid for any online training in the system.

Institutions can use the online training portal for the following:

  • Specific online trainings include learning outcomes and pre- and post-tests, which institutions may find useful for assessing outcomes attainment for faculty, staff and student training
  • Purchase online trainings and distribute tokens, or viewing rights, to users at your institution
  • Create and name groups of your users for the purpose of distributing tokens
  • View information for your users, including name, email address and certification status
  • View and export the pass/fail rate for your users who have viewed an online training
  • Prompt and remind your users to view specific online trainings by deadline dates
  • Generate a link that can be emailed to your users from your institution’s email system, which will enable them to create an account that is pre-associated with your institution
  • Upload a logo to be displayed on the landing page for your users (.png or.jpg format, not to exceed 500KB)

Your institution can visit our website here to create an organizational account. Once set up, institutions can log-in to access their account. Once completed, payment for the online training tool can be made directly through portal, allowing you to purchase your selected amount of viewings.

Complimentary Membership Inclusions

  • Super Members receive Unlimited Tokens


Once purchased through our portal, institutions can contact ATIXA directly for an optional 25 minute demo of the portal.


Your institution can visit our website here to create an organizational account. Once set up, institutions can log-in to access their account. Once completed, payment for the online training tool can be made directly through the portal, allowing you to purchase your selected number of viewings.

The training will ask employees to take a pre-test and they will be offered their score before watching the training video. After the video has been viewed fully, employees must take the post-test immediately. A final pass/fail score will be offered and available in your institutional online training portal.


Q: Is this training delivered via live streaming video?

A: No. This training is a previously recorded video. The slides from the training were then edited into the high definition video. So, you’ll see Brett talking, and you will be able to read the slides as they appear while he talks.

Q: Can the video be paused, or does it need to be viewed in a single sitting?

A: The video is streamed through our online training portal. Stop and pause features are not available.

Q: Is this training interactive?

A: This training has been designed with multimedia learning components. The pre-test questions assess baseline understanding before the training is completed. The post-test features the same questions as the pre-test. Trainees answer the post-test after viewing the video, which addresses each of the questions found in the test. Once completed, the trainee can submit the completed quiz screen (to their supervisor or other designated administrator on your campus) screen as proof-of-completion of the training.


For questions about the training, information on purchasing or any other inquiries, please contact our team at or 610-644-7858.