Best Practices for the Post-Regulatory Era

Authored by: Nedda Black, J.D., LMSW, Michael Henry, J.D., W. Scott Lewis, J.D.,
Leslee Morris, J.D., Anna Oppenheim, J.D., Saundra K. Schuster, J.D., Brett A. Sokolow, J.D. &
Daniel C. Swinton, Ed.D., J.D.


*Please note this publication is under revision based on the 2020 Title IX Regulations.*

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About the Playbook

ATIXA is excited to provide The ATIXA Playbook, a 250+ page book developed by nationally-recognized experts and field-leading practitioners as a comprehensive guide to ensure that the resolution of sexual misconduct allegations on college campuses is done right.

The authors chose the subtitle Best Practices for the Post-Regulatory Era to highlight the focus of the book on what colleges and universities should be doing to address sexual misconduct, rather than on what they must be doing to achieve compliance.

The authors have been helping to lead the field on the issue of campus sexual misconduct since well before the Department of Education issued a Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) on Title IX in 2011. This Playbook continues and expands on ATIXA’s thought-leadership in higher education, whether Title IX is a priority in Washington, D.C., or not. It’s a priority for us. Higher education isn’t headed back to the pre-2011 era, and this book helps to point the way forward for the field.

The ATIXA Playbook represents three key themes:

  • Best practices for the post-regulatory era, taking a long view of Title IX’s 45-year trajectory to assess where we have been and where we are going.
  • Fine-tuning the substantive decisions that are being made regarding allegations of sexual misconduct and other behaviors covered by Title IX and VAWA 304 through a set of comprehensive models of proof.
  • Offering a spirited defense of why colleges address sexual violence, and why we can, should, and will continue to do so.

The ATIXA Playbook includes:

  • Models of proof that explain how to analyze the complex evidence of an allegation of sex discrimination to determine by a preponderance of evidence whether policy has been violated.
  • An understanding of what discrimination is and what it is not, including analysis of harassment, hostile environments, and retaliation.
  • A critical checklist tool on substantive and procedural due process.
  • Decision rubrics for sexual violence, sexual harassment, stalking, intimate partner violence, and other forms of sex and gender discrimination.
  • A framework to elevate the precision of the credibility assessments, which in turn should elevate the fairness of resolution proceedings, the accuracy of determinations, and their defensibility in court.
  • Extensive discussion on issues of coercion and applying the consent construct in theory, not just in practice.
  • Case studies for practical application and analysis of both policy and credibility.

View the Table of Contents for The ATIXA Playbook

Substantively, The ATIXA Playbook is the only guidance of its kind in the field. It is an indispensable tool for those who are charged with making the right decisions on sexual misconduct allegations on college and university campuses. While ATIXA has never published a guide of this scope or length before, the importance of this subject matter requires us to go further and deeper than we have previously. The rights and well-being of our community members are worth it.

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Additional Content from ATIXA and TNG

In addition to releasing this Playbook in 2017, ATIXA and TNG released companion Whitepapers. Both are adapted from The ATIXA Playbook, entitled The ATIXA Rubric for Addressing Campus Sexual Misconduct and Due Process and the Sex Police, respectively.

Together, the ATIXA and TNG Whitepapers comprise 50 pages of the 120-page ATIXA Playbook. They address the Playbook topics more briefly and are free of charge in service to the field.

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