The ATIXA MaxStack

A Database for Title IX Case Documentation from ATIXA & Maxient

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The ATIXA MaxStack

If you are a Title IX Coordinator or Investigator, we just made your job easier. Maxient provides the industry’s leading database for Title IX case documentation and tracking. Now, ATIXA has collaborated with Maxient to offer the ATIXA MaxStack, giving existing and new Maxient users access through the Maxient database to ATIXA’s proprietary forms, checklists, investigation templates, template letters, materials for Title IX case organization, documentation and tracking.

Together Maxient and ATIXA are placing more information at your fingertips to assess history and pattern evidence in any given Title IX-related case, and giving you the documentation you need when you need it with just a click.

Only ATIXA Super Members who are or who become Maxient software clients will be able to purchase the MaxStack from ATIXA. All MaxStack materials are proprietary to ATIXA, and are reserved for ATIXA members, only.

ATIXA + Maxient Partnership

ATIXA has partnered with Maxient because of its affordability, reputation, customer service, and willingness to recognize and serve the needs of Coordinators specific to Title IX cases. The Departments of Justice and Education have insisted that a professional tracking tool is essential to Title IX compliance (University of Montana Resolution Blueprint), and now the ATIXA MaxStack makes Maxient the easiest and most applicable database you can use to meet that need.

What does the MaxStack Include?

Letter templates for:

  • Notice of investigation
  • Initial contact/scheduling of accused party
  • Initial contact/scheduling of witnesses
  • No contact directives
  • Persona Non Grata/Campus ban
  • Follow-up with witnesses
  • Notice of charge to accused party
  • Final investigation report
  • Findings and sanctioning of accused party
  • Notice of hearing
  • Notice of hearing outcome (rendered by hearing board)
  • Notice of hearing outcome (rendered by investigator)
  • Notice of appeal to parties
  • Notice of final determination (no appeal)
  • Notice of final determination (post-appeal)

Form templates including:

  • FERPA waiver
  • Statement of witness’ rights

Online web form templates for:

  • Receiving reports of alleged Title IX violations
  • Receiving appeals following hearing outcome

Pre-built analytics that will produce:

  • Communications log
  • Investigation timeline
  • Witness list
  • A list of other cases that may involve Title IX-related issues

Resource section containing:

  • Suggested investigation flowcharts, timelines, and checklists

Cost & Purchasing

The ATIXA MaxStack is only available as a complimentary inclusion at the Super Membership level. This includes any new forms, letters and templates added to the database as they are developed during your membership year. This is not available for purchase for any other membership type or non-members.

More Information on the MaxStack from ATIXA

Contact our team at or 610-644-7858 for additional information on the MaxStack and how you can bring the ATIXA MaxStack functionality to your campus.

If you don’t already use Maxient software for your student conduct, academic integrity, and case management needs, you must first purchase the database from Maxient. Contact ATIXA and we’ll be happy to connect you with the appropriate staff at Maxient.

For more information on the Maxient Software, please visit