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The NCHERM Group’s (TNG) Online Trainings and ATIXA now offer a series of easy-to-use video training tools to help Title IX investigators and coordinators hone their skills. Each video offers a brief vignette lasting just a few minutes, in which a student and administrator talk about a Title IX-related incident. Supplemental materials include a transcript of the video, a leaders’ guide, and set of questions and answers for use in training and discussion applications, along with a set of key takeaways from each case.

Individual Premium, Institutional Premium and Super Members receive these videos as a complimentary inclusion to your Membership. All other membership types and non-members can buy only the videos you want for $79 each, or get them all for $379.

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Amanda & Dancing Guy: A Case Study in Coercion

A Title IX administrator meets with Amanda, a student, after her roommate encourages her to tell someone about an incident involving coercion that took place at a party.

Beth & Junior Student: A Case Study in Consent

Beth, a student who has a past of sexual abuse, shares a traumatizing sexual experience in which she too was paralyzed to express her lack of consent.

Amy & Todd: Incapacitation Case Study

A student named Amy, who is troubled by a sexual encounter that she does not remember following a night of drinking, wants to file a Title IX report.

Amy & Kevin: Second-Time Blackout

Amy, who has a history of drinking too much and blacking out, learns from the other party that she had sex after a night of partying, but she doesn’t remember anything.

John & Benjy: Nonconsensual Sexual Contact Case Study

John, who is straight, wants the school to address an instance of unwanted sexual contact by Benjy, a friend of his who is gay, but doesn’t want Benjy to get in trouble.

  • Professionally produced videos
  • Video transcripts to help viewers follow along
  • Guides to help trainers introduce the material
  • Questions and answers
  • Key takeaways

In other words, everything you need to lead engaging, interactive, and highly instructive Title IX trainings!

For more information, please contact our team at info@atixa.org or 610-644-7858.