August 14th is Approaching: Separating Fact from Fiction

August 14th looms, but you have time, and ATIXA has your backs. Let’s separate fact from fiction:

FACT: Your policies and procedures must be revised and in effect (at least on an interim basis) by August 14th.

FICTION: All your employees need to be trained on the new regs by August 14th.

FACT: You have to train employees, but only the Title IX Team members and Officials with Authority (OWAs) need to be trained on the new regs. And, they don’t all need to be trained on everything as of the 14th. You can roll training over the course of the fall, as you need the players in place. Train them before they are needed, but they won’t all be needed on August 14th. Here are some suggestions for training priorities:

  1. Get your TIXC and policymakers trained on the new regs this summer
  2. Train those who will be doing intake and providing supportive measures on the new process and procedures
  3. Staff up and train your Title IX Team (and OWAs) internally on all new policies and procedures
  4. Train your investigators
  5. Identify and train your advisors (and update your advocates, if any, on the new policies and procedures)
  6. Identify and train your hearing decision-makers
  7. Identify and train your hearing Chair
  8. Identify and train your hearing facilitator
  9. Train your appeal decision-makers
  10. Train your Title IX Team and collaborative colleagues on cross-referral, intersecting processes, and communication around the new regs and multiple processes
  11. Train your Title IX Team on informal resolution
  12. Train community partners on your new policies and procedures

FICTION: You have to have your mandated reporters in place and trained by August 14th. Nope. You can keep your current system in place, and consider changes down the road once you have more time.

FICTION: You need to develop new informal resolution structures by August 14th. You don’t. Likely, you can’t. Get through the fall and begin the planning process for widening your informal resolution structures starting early in 2021. These are not required elements under the new regs. They can wait or be bridged with temporary practices in the meantime.

FACT: ATIXA’s got your back! Where to start?