ATIXA Title IX Toolkit (TIXKit)


For those of you who came to rely on ATIXA’s Investigation in a Box, we’re excited to be bringing you a much-evolved version called the ATIXA Title IX Toolkit (TIXKit), a 300+ document repository of best-in-class templates, forms, models, and checklists to support the operational efficiency and compliance of college and school Title IX offices.

Periodically, ATIXA releases a document from the TIXKit publicly to show you the quality of the materials you get when you have the TIXKit. As such, we are pleased to offer you a complimentary download of the ATIXA Guide to Racial Equity in Title IX Proceedings. Click HERE to access the downloadable PDF.

TIXKit is included for ATIXA Super Members, and available for purchase for all other members at a special price. To become an ATIXA Member, join HERE or visit your “My ATIXA” page to renew HERE. Contact for information on upgrading your existing ATIXA membership.

Click HERE to view the TIXKit Table of Contents. Please note, resources marked with an * are for Super Members-Only and for previous purchasers of R3 Packages.


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ATIXA has launched 3 new mini-versions of our beloved ATIXA Title IX Toolkit (TIXKit). The full TIXKIt combines over 300+ documents, forms, templates, guides, flowcharts, policies. We’ve listened to our members who need smaller and more easily digestible TIXKits to utilize if their focus is such.

Therefore, we’ve launched 3 new TIXKit subscriptions that can be purchased separately at a lower price point. Please note that the main TIXKit still has all the items included in these smaller separated-out TIXKits.
TIXKit – Forms and Templates Only
This version of TIXKit is pared down and tightly focused on the forms and templates you need to satisfy the Title IX regulations communication protocols, without all the narrative guides and how-to sections of the full Kit. It contains only the documents categorized as a form or template from the full kit. Those with full TIXKit access receive this content already. Click here to view and purchase.
TIXKit for Investigations
This version of the TIXKit is focused only on resources needed by investigators (the full TIXKit includes resources for the entire resolution process, from intake to appeal). Those with full TIXKit access receive this content already. Click here to view and purchase.
TIXKit for K-12
This version of TIXKit contains specific resources relevant to K-12 schools and districts (those with full TIXKit access receive this content already) Click here to view and purchase.


  • Within the Investigation Section:
    • Protected Information Release Form
    • Title IX Investigation Sample – Higher Education – Employee-Employee

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