ATIXA Title IX Toolkit (TIXKit)

For those of you who came to rely on ATIXA’s Investigation in a Box, we’re excited to be bringing you a much-evolved version called the ATIXA Title IX Toolkit (TIXKit), available for access and purchase. TIXKit will feature updated versions of all the templates, forms, and checklists of the original, plus widely expanded content to comply with the new regulations. TIXKit will offer sample reports, case studies, releases, NDAs, and everything else a Title IX Office could need to operate its recordkeeping protocols with efficiency and compliance. The contents of TIXKit, which will be released as resources are completed, will be included for Super Members. TIXKit will be available for purchase via an annual subscription model with special pricing for all other members of ATIXA.

Click HERE to view a Glossary of Terms. Click HERE to view an Introduction and User Guide to the ATIXA Title IX Toolkit.

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