K-12 Decision-Maker

This training will benefit K-12 decision-makers, especially in schools and districts where hearing models are used.

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For single decision-makers, hearing panel decision-makers, administrative hearing facilitators, as well as appeal decision-makers and designed to meet the needs of whatever structure you may have in place within your school/district.

Training is necessary to help K-12 decision-makers recognize and overcome bias, to understand the scope of their expanded role, to apply policy with analytical precision, and to be sure that their determination is reliably based on the evidence. Training is required by the 2020 Title IX regulations and this one-day ATIXA course satisfies the training requirement under the regulations.

K-12 Title IX decision-makers have a fact-finding role, but also an investigative responsibility. This expanded role mandated by the 2020 Title IX regulations will be new for most K-12 decision-makers. Also, throw in the fact that the parties now have the right to have an advisor of their choice to assist them throughout the process which may necessitate decision-makers having to navigate working with attorneys, parents/guardians, and/or others in addition to the parties during the process. Thus, training is not only mandatory, but it will be essential to ensuring that decision-makers have the key skills needed to proficiently and confidently serve in this role.

This training is designed to shore up decision-making skills so that your decisions are sound, supportable, and much harder to challenge in court. Plus, we’ll explore many of the new regulatory requirements to ensure your formal resolution process is compliant.

This level of training is good for your school, good for the parties, and good for the integrity of the process. The ATIXA experts have been training decision-makers for more than 20 years, and now your decision-makers can benefit from their expansive expertise in an ATIXA certification training environment focused on honing practical skills through the use of case studies and exercises.

The training allows participants to substantively explore application of policies on sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, and/or stalking, using a case study not offered in any other ATIXA training.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Questioning
  • Due process components
  • Neutrality and objectivity
  • Models of proof
  • Factual and credibility analysis
  • Decision-making
  • Written determinations
  • Working with advisors
  • Hands-on case studies

Who should attend?

  • Hearing/Process Advisors
  • Hearing Facilitators
  • Hearing Chairs
  • Decision-Makers
  • Hearing Panelists
  • Appeals Officers
  • Coordinators and Investigators

Virtual, Instructor-Led

Live, Interactive Online Training

  • $399 Member
  • $499 Non-Member

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Registration Fee includes the Training & Certification Course, course slides, supplemental materials, ATIXA/TNG whitepapers, flowcharts, 2020 Regulations publications and webinars, HRCI pre-approved credit, SHRM pre-approved credit, and a 2-year Certification from ATIXA.

*You must attend all dates in your session to receive credit for attendance.


  • August 4
    11:00am - 6:00pm ET

To obtain Certification from ATIXA, you will need to attend the whole event. It is our expectation that you are present for the entire duration of your training course.

Please allow 14 business days following the completion of the course and then log-into or create an account with our Continuing Certification Credit (CCC) program system. Please follow the instructions on the webpage to obtain your certification. Our CCC program allows those certified by ATIXA to track, maintain, and extend their professional development through our programs. Learn more about our program here.