20-Minutes-to…Trained Video Modules

ATIXA launched this groundbreaking web-based sexual misconduct training series in 2018. Since then, this series grew to 27 modules and has seen over 12,000 downloads. Now, ATIXA has added nine additional topics.

Building on the success of our brief-topic format, ATIXA now offers 36 modules within our web-based video training series to meet (and exceed!) your training needs and requirements for Title IX and VAWA Section 304.

Each 20-Minutes-to…Trained module averages 20 minutes in length, give or take. This gives the ability to plan modular trainings based on the topics you want to prioritize, or to allow trainees to take all 36 topics over time, but in bite-size chunks of easily attained and retained information.

2021 Released Topics

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Previously Released Topics

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ATIXA’s Super Membership includes all 36 video modules, Institutional Membership includes those denoted with * and Individual Membership includes those denoted with ^.

Each video features expert presenters in a free-flowing, conversational, informal format. Each video is web-accessible and closed-captioned. The videos feature integrated slide content and a study guide to accompany each topic. Each study guide includes:

  • Learning Outcomes
  • Discussion Questions
  • Related Case Studies/Learning Activities
  • Related ATIXA Resources
  • Presentation Slides

Once you buy a topic or its included in your membership, it’s yours to use, to re-use, and assign to your staff as often as you need.

Updated Pricing: 30% more content added, same pricing for all!

  • All 36 On-Demand video modules – $2,499
  • Bundle of just the 9 new 2021 video modules – $749
  • Per module pricing for members: $89
  • Per module pricing for non-members: $99

Updated Membership Inclusions:

  • Super memberships include access to all 36 modules
  • Institutional memberships include access to the following 8 modules:
    • Addressing Trauma *new inclusion*
    • Due Process *new inclusion*
    • Intimate Partner Violence
    • Role of the Investigator *new inclusion*
    • Self-Care for Title IX Coordinators *new inclusion*
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Stalking
    • Understanding Sexual Violence
  • Individual Memberships include access to the following 5 modules:
    • Intimate Partner Violence *new inclusion*
    • Self-Care for the Title IX Coordinator *new inclusion*
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Stalking *new inclusion*
    • Understanding Sexual Violence *new inclusion*

Addressing Inappropriate Employee Behaviors

Considerations for Climate Surveys

Equitable Remedies within Civil Rights Grievances

First Amendment Primer

Investigation Strategy and Planning Ahead

Pregnancy Accommodations

Report Writing Tips

Transgender Issues Pertaining to Minors

To view 2018 & 2019 20-Minutes-to…Trained video module preview clips, please click here.

Please note that some video modules and some of the supplemental materials were created prior to the 2020 Title IX regulations, thus the information contained within may not coincide perfectly with current regulations. Any deviation is minor.