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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about ATIXA.

If you don’t find the answer to your question here, contact us.

A: ATIXA is the Association of Title IX Administrators, a national membership organization dedicated to supporting the work of Title IX in schools, colleges, universities, and workplaces. Title IX administrators will find ATIXA an excellent resource for support, networking, and education. For more information, please view our mission.

A: ATIXA empowers the Title IX field with tools that advance gender equity, motivate change, and implement best practices. ATIXA’s K-12, higher education, organization, and Title IX team members receive up to the minute consultation through the listserv and value in the countless member benefits included. ATIXA’s members include:

  • Title IX Coordinators and Deputies
  • Title IX and Civil Rights Investigators
  • K-12 Administrators and Educators
  • ADA/504 Coordinators
  • Victim/Survivor Advocates
  • Prevention, Education, and Training Staff
  • Legal Counsel
  • Title IX Allies
  • Hearing Officers
  • Appeal Officers
  • Hearing Advisors
  • Human Resources Personnel
  • Student Services Personnel

A:  ATIXA is more than a community of dedicated professionals. It helps to set the vectors of best practices for the entire field. ATIXA’s strategic solutions include compliance, policy, procedure, investigations, training, prevention, consulting, and webinars.

K-12 Schools and Districts also have special discounted rates to most trainings, products, and services. The K-12 Professional Development Package additionally has six Certification Course registrations included in the year.

A: ATIXA is truly multi-disciplinary on a number of different levels. Typically, you would find an Association serving workplaces, or higher education, or schools. It is unusual to find one association that serves all three constituencies. ATIXA was intentionally created with this level of integration, as there is much members can learn from one another about Title IX best practices. Moreover, today’s K-12 students are tomorrow’s college students, and the next day’s employees. Sharing information on generations of students and employees can help members to prepare for the needs and challenges ahead. 

ATIXA is also intentionally intersectional with respect to protected class discrimination beyond sex and gender. Member institutions have many commonalities in the ways that they resolve different forms of discrimination and this integration helps members to bring consistency across resolution systems.

Our weekly ATIXA newsletter keeps you current with the pulse of the field of Title IX, with current events and relevant resources. We also share a Tip of the Week, spotlight a resource relevant to the field, and share information about our upcoming events. Lastly, we offer a suite of certification courses to meet the growing demand for new and unique professional development opportunities. Members of ATIXA receive discounted registration rates for all of these courses, as well as the Annual Conference.

A: We’ve priced ATIXA membership around the median membership costs of similar associations. We aren’t the cheapest, or the most expensive and our rates have never increased since our founding in 2011. We have also created a membership fee model that is the same no matter what the size of your institution or organization is. For many associations, you pay more if you are larger than if you are smaller, but we rejected that model for ATIXA. In a time of strained resources, we want ATIXA to be accessible to any school, campus, or organization, regardless of size. You’ll also find that the ATIXA model differs from many associations in our value-added philosophy. ATIXA develops and generates best in class content for our members, almost constantly. 

You can expect a listserv, conference, and newsletter out of any association today, but we want you to be loyal to ATIXA. When it comes time to renew, and you ask yourself, is the ATIXA membership worth it this year, we want your answer to be “absolutely.” We want you to feel that you are getting your money’s worth, and then some. We want you to renew with ATIXA, even if you let your memberships to other associations expire. So, we include event discounts, free publications and materials, thought leadership, webinars, and other value-added membership benefits. Super Members get access to all of ATIXA’s content, including training videos, proprietary model policies, networking opportunities, free certification course registrations, and more.

A: ATIXA has four membership categories: Individual, Institutional, Super, and K-12 Professional Development Packages. You may upgrade your membership during your membership year at any time. Simply contact the ATIXA team, pay the prorated difference between the membership you have and the category you want, and we will upgrade your membership.

A: ATIXA uses a rolling membership system. Your membership begins when you pay for your membership, and runs for 12 months from that date. We send out several reminders before your membership expires, encouraging your renewal.

In order to be certified, you must attend a qualifying certification event. Once the course is completed, you will receive your certification from ATIXA. Certificates for our training events will be provided to you electronically via our Continuing Certification Credit (CCC) program. What does this certificate mean? It means that you have tapped into the unparalleled expertise of ATIXA and have a digital badge to demonstrate your professional achievement. ATIXA has issued more than 60,000 certifications to professionals in the field since 2011.


Please click here to purchase a membership online.

It’s now easier than ever to share your achievements and credentials! In addition to the certificates of completion provided by ATIXA following a certifying event, we also offer digital badges. These digital credentials allow users to present a record of their learning to anyone at any time. One of the greatest advantages is the ease with which they can be shared onto social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as shared organically via inclusion in one’s email signature.

Learn more about digital badges and how to use them here!


Group discounts are provided on a sliding scale based on group size and applicable on registrations for the same training or event. Please contact  for questions.

Individualized discounts are as follows:
1st grouped individual – full price of registration
2-4 grouped individuals – 15% discount on registrations
5+ grouped individuals – 25% discount on registrations