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ATIXA August 2022 Legislative Policy Corner

ATIXA Meeting with the White House Gender Policy Council (GPC)

On July 25, 2022, ATIXA hosted its first virtual listening session with the White House Gender Policy Council (GPC). The GPC was established by President Biden to advance gender equity and equality in both domestic and foreign policy development and implementation. ATIXA spoke directly with the Director of the GPC, Jennifer Klein, along with Senior Advisor on Gender-Based Violence, Rosie Hidalgo, to discuss current issues Title IX Coordinators are experiencing in schools, the progress they have made, and how the Administration can help support and aid Coordinators. Jennifer Klein and Rosie Hidalgo also asked attending ATIXA members specific questions and requested the organization’s help in identifying schools, resources, and best practices around prevention, at which the GPC can take a closer look.

During the event, the GPC stated that while there is a lot of work still needed within the prevention space, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has compiled some resources on which they wanted Title IX Coordinators aware of. Links to these resources are listed here.

The GPC also shared about the recent launch of the White House Task Force to Address Online Harassment and Abuse. This Task Force is currently in the process of developing a blueprint for action over the next 180 days, and any input or recommendations from Title IX Coordinators regarding these issues is welcome. To learn more about submitting comments, please click here.