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ATIXA October 2022 Legislative Policy Corner


The Biden Administration’s proposed Title IX rule changes are causing uncertainty across many higher education associations and K-12 schools and districts. Before the 60-day public comment period closed on September 15th, the American Council on Education wrote a letter to the US Department of Education (ED) on behalf of over 50 organizations, asking for more clarity about how the changes would be carried out, as well as more time to put the affected policies in place. Some of the organizations represented include the Association of American Universities and NASPA: Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education. This letter was one of the 235,000 comments sent to the ED about the proposed regulation changes during the open period. Comments were submitted on behalf of advocacy organizations, parents, grandparents, students, and other stakeholders who raised concerns over the new regulations. Since the comment period is now over, the ED will review all of the comments before releasing their final set of new regulations for Title IX. We will be monitoring when the final regulations are released. To learn more about the 235,000 comments, check out this Inside Higher Ed article