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Celebrating 12 Years of ATIXA

On this date 12 years ago, ATIXA was founded. While many saw OCR’s emphasis on naming a Title IX coordinator in the 2011 DCL as a role, we knew this would initiate an entire new profession that would need professional development, training, and a community. Twelve years marks a remarkable milestone in our journey as an association dedicated to advancing the Title IX profession. ATIXA has continued to thrive and evolve, reaching new heights and achieving significant accomplishments.

One of our proudest achievements is the remarkable growth in our membership, and we are immensely grateful to our valued members who have made this community what it is today. With over 11,500 members and 61,500 training certifications conferred, each new addition enhances ATIXA’s collective strength, providing a greater resource for knowledge exchange, connections, and expertise. This surge in membership reflects the ever-increasing recognition of ATIXA as the field-leading membership association, enabling us to foster a rich diversity of perspectives and experiences that strengthen our influence and commitment to sex/gender equity in education.

Given our mission to foster professional development and collaboration, we have successfully added various membership inclusions to enrich each level. The ATIXA Mentor Match Program has proven to be a valuable resource, connecting seasoned professionals with new and aspiring practitioners to nurture development and knowledge sharing. The introduction of Online Communities has facilitated robust discussions and networking opportunities within our association, bringing members closer together despite geographical distances.

Our dedication to continuous learning and knowledge dissemination is evident through the addition of new 20 Minutes-to-Trained modules, providing topical training to tackle the challenges in the Title IX landscape effectively.

ATIXA’s commitment to research and development remains unwavering. We recently launched the 2023 State of the Field Survey, gathering valuable insights to shape the future of Title IX practices. Additionally, we unveiled a new curriculum, offering updated and expanded content to empower our members with the latest knowledge and skills. Each year, ATIXA provides funding grants to support member research as well, and we continue to give back by providing dozens of scholarships to ATIXA trainings each year, so that they are accessible to the field regardless of resources. As part of our ongoing efforts to promote awareness and education, we have recently launched the Mandated Reporting for Higher Education Institutions eTraining Module, empowering professionals to fulfill their reporting obligations effectively and contribute to safer learning environments.

In addition to our dedication to collaboration and community support, we are excited to announce that this fall, ATIXA will host its 12th Annual Conference in Philadelphia. This premier event will serve as a focal point for knowledge sharing and networking, offering an unparalleled opportunity to engage with experts, learn from shared experiences, and exchange best practices.

As we celebrate our 12th anniversary, we are deeply grateful to all our members, both ongoing and new. You have contributed to the growth and success of ATIXA, transforming it into an industry powerhouse and a close-knit community of passionate professionals. The next decade holds tremendous potential, and we are committed to expanding, innovating, and serving you better to ensure your professional home remains strong and supportive.

Brett A. Sokolow, J.D. Chair
TNG Board of Directors; TNG Management Committee; ATIXA Advisory Board

Daniel C. Swinton, J.D., Ed.D.
Partner, TNG; President, ATIXA

Mandy Hambleton, M.S.
Senior Director, Content Development, TNG; Vice President, ATIXA