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Give the Gift of New, Flexible, Online Title IX eTraining to Your K-12 Investigators

By Dan Fotoples, J.D.

Title IX Coordinators in K-12 settings continue to grapple with the challenge of providing effective, high-quality training for their Title IX teams, especially investigators. Properly training investigators, given their centrality to the formal Title IX process, is a critical, vital, and necessary part of a district or school’s Title IX program. Investigators need to understand how their role fits into the larger Title IX process; how to strategize and investigate; how to work with parties, parents/guardians, and other stakeholders; how to properly document their work; and how to gather and synthesize evidence into a written report that is much more comprehensive than K-12 districts are accustomed to drafting. Obviously, investigator training is an important training requirement of the Title IX regulations. More importantly, having well-trained investigators encourages efficiency and competency, and satisfies the duty to deliver a thorough, prompt, reliable, and impartial investigation that meets federal standards.

Since its inception, ATIXA has prioritized updating its suite of training opportunities to offer school administrators high-quality training workshops that deliver critical content in formats that fit their needs. ATIXA has a strong reputation for excellent training and materials in both live training and virtual formats. In response to the growing needs of schools across the country, ATIXA now offers K-12 administrators the chance to train with new, robust, and flexible asynchronous online courses.

ATIXA is pleased to announce the roll-out of its class-leading, interactive K-12 Title IX Investigator Foundations asynchronous online eTraining certification course, which is now available. K-12 Investigator Foundations walks novice and seasoned investigators through the investigation process from start to finish and focuses on both the technical and “soft skills” needed to conduct an effective investigation. Throughout the K-12 Investigator Foundations certification course, our ATIXA experts facilitate case studies on topics like investigation strategy, processing evidence, and guarding against bias or conflicts of interest.

K-12 Investigator Foundations is the first of several planned releases of K-12-specific asynchronous eTraining from ATIXA in 2022, including a course for K-12 Title IX Coordinators that will be released in early in Spring of 2022. Our eTraining is offered in a short-module format to offer maximum flexibility, but remains as comprehensive as other training experiences from ATIXA. ATIXA’s eTraining is designed by the same ATIXA experts you have come to rely on – some of whom appear in the course – but leverages instructional design pedagogies to create an engaging asynchronous learning experience. Welcome to a new way to have trusted ATIXA experts by your side to help you apply the lessons from the course and answer your questions related to Title IX implementation.

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