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Introducing the New ATIXA Curriculum: Revolutionizing Title IX Education and Training

ATIXA’s Latest Curriculum Fuses Theoretical Content and Practical Application; Addresses the Full Spectrum of Title IX Compliance Responsibilities for Higher Education and K-12 Schools and Districts

June 20, 2023, King of Prussia, PA – TNG Consulting, LLC, and ATIXA (Association of Title IX Administrators) are excited to announce the upcoming release of the most comprehensive and interactive Title IX training curriculum to date. ATIXA’s new curriculum brings theory to practice by merging specific Title IX regulatory requirements with practical advice and guidance for Title IX professionals in institutional or school settings. ATIXA trainings address the full spectrum of Title IX compliance responsibilities for higher education and K-12 practitioners and Title IX-related disciplines.

Designed for both novices beginning their Title IX journey and expert practitioners seeking to deepen their expertise, ATIXA’s new curriculum is tailored to every experience level. The updated curriculum clarifies complex legal concepts and prepares practitioners for the challenges of Title IX compliance. ATIXA also recognizes that many Title IX practitioners have responsibilities across other facets of civil rights compliance, and the ATIXA curriculum anticipates and trains learners on the intersection with other federal civil rights laws, disability laws, state laws, and campus and school safety laws.

“We are excited for every Title IX practitioner in the field – including the 60,000-plus ATIXA-trained practitioners and our 11,000-plus members – to embrace the wealth of knowledge and professional development this new curriculum offers,” expressed Brett A. Sokolow, J.D., Chair, TNG Board of Directors and the ATIXA Advisory Board. “Since 2011, ATIXA has been dedicated to empowering schools, colleges, workplaces, and organizations to create more equitable communities. This new curriculum is an exciting milestone, as we have the power to achieve excellence in our educational institutions and foster more diverse, inclusive, and equitable environments for all students from preschoolers through post-graduates.”

TNG expert consultants bring substantial experience in training and consulting, and ATIXA faculty members bring an impressive depth of industry knowledge from their experience working as senior officials at public and private institutions nationwide on Title IX investigations and decision-making, reinforcing the credibility and authority of the curriculum. Their unparalleled expertise in the field, combined with a renewed commitment to experiential-based learning opportunities, sets this program training apart. With more than 40 certification courses, workshops, and seminars, the revised ATIXA curriculum offers unparalleled depth and breadth to the field. Learners can choose topics a la carte or follow an ATIXA-prescribed curriculum path to professional excellence. To accommodate a variety of learners and learning styles, ATIXA content is offered in-person, virtually, and through asynchronous eTrainings.

“I am thrilled to release ATIXA’s comprehensive and innovative Title IX curriculum,” said Kim Pacelli, J.D., Partner at TNG Consulting and an ATIXA Advisory Board Member. “Our fusion of theoretical content, regulatory requirements, and practical application addresses the full spectrum of Title IX compliance responsibilities for higher education and K-12 practitioners.”

Employing the “Three E’s” (Educate, Elevate, and Experience), the updated ATIXA curriculum highlights applied learning as an integral part of training. The ATIXA methodology can be understood as follows:

  1. Educate – ATIXA’s faculty members are highly skilled expert consultants who use engaging approaches to educate practitioners about Title IX, from the how-to’s of compliance to the nuances of achieving programmatic excellence. In addition, their firsthand knowledge as Title IX Coordinators, investigators, and decision-makers creates a learning environment where instructors love to share their deep understanding of industry standards and practical applications. Faculty members have a passion for their work and a belief that gender equity is an inherent good, and it is reflected in their teaching.
  2. Elevate – ATIXA offers 40+ newly refreshed topical courses, workshops, seminars, and eTraining pre-courses. The updated curriculum uses case studies, experiential activities, and real scenarios to elevate ATIXA-trained practitioners to be the best in their field. Faculty members guide participants through short, straightforward learner engagement exercises and challenges – thought-provoking queries designed to help digest the content – then progress through gradually more complex case studies explored independently or in small groups, and then discussed in depth. ATIXA aims to help learners develop skills relevant to their daily work with support from faculty.
  3. Experience – Finally, learners gain practical experience, such as reviewing fact patterns, assessing jurisdiction, applying dismissal criteria, exploring roadblocks, and identifying potential policy violations, to enhance professional skills and build comfort with complexity and nuance. ATIXA’s Three E’s provide learners with analytical reflection, practice, and improvement opportunities to bolster learning outcomes and solidify their confidence with new materials and regulations. In addition, instructors offer unwavering support throughout each course by simplifying intricate legal concepts, providing prompt assistance, and offering real-time feedback.

ATIXA’s support continues beyond the training as learners can access resources post-course, attend quarterly live Q&A sessions to connect with faculty, and pose questions to active online communities of fellow learners. Often, practitioners find value in bringing ATIXA experts to their institutions to consult, provide external investigations and decision-making, and deliver interim services as needed. ATIXA consultants are not just trainers; they’re indispensable partners in compliance. 

“Title IX applies to schools, local and state educational agencies, and other institutions that receive federal financial assistance from the Department [of Education],” according to the Office for Civil Rights, which enforces Title IX regulations. “These recipients include approximately 17,600 local school districts, over 5,000 postsecondary institutions, and charter schools, for-profit schools, libraries, and museums.”

Therefore, TNG and ATIXA encourage any professional in higher education or K-12 institutions, organizations, companies, law firms, consulting firms, the federal government, local education agencies, and state boards of education whose work involves advancing gender equity, preventing gender-based and sexual harassment, and promoting the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging to take advantage of ATIXA’s new curriculum to revolutionize their learning experience.

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The Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA) provides a professional association for school and college Title IX coordinators, investigators, and administrators who are interested in serving their districts and campuses more effectively. ATIXA brings these campus and district professionals together to collaborate and explore best practices, establish industry standards, share resources, empower the profession, and advance the worthy goal of gender equity in education. With more than 11,000 active members from colleges, universities, schools, and organizations, ATIXA is a repository for Title IX model policies, training, and other resources. For more information, visit

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