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Member Spotlight: Beverly Crawford

What is a challenge you face doing Title IX work?

A major challenge I face doing Title IX work is the inconsistency of federal guidelines during each presidential term, and sometimes within the four-year term.

How has ATIXA helped you to be a better professional?

ATIXA has been a lifesaver to me as a professional. During these unprecedented times, ATIXA has successfully made the shift with ease to ensure members receive guidance and training in implementing the new Title IX regulations.

What is one way you practice self-care doing such intense work?

One way I practice self-care is to completely leave Title IX when the work day has ended… Leave Title IX right where you left off… no talking about cases after hours, the cases will be there when you return the next morning.

What is one piece of advice you would offer your fellow practitioners?

Ensure you have unwavering support from your direct supervisor and upper administration; it is vital that all decision-makers know and trust that you have been extensively trained, and you know what you are doing.

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