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Member Spotlight: Jackie Gharapour Wernz

What is a challenge you face doing Title IX work?

The biggest challenge for me is keeping up with the many changes in this area of law. This is one reason I value ATIXA so much! Just reading the listserv posts each day makes me feel like I’m staying on top of the many changes that are occurring. I always hear things from the listserv before I hear them almost anywhere else!

What is a successful achievement you have had doing Title IX work?

Mediating complaints is a real passion of mine. Whether it is training others on informal resolution facilitation or doing them myself, I always feel like it is a win for everyone–the institution, the parties, and the community–when we are able to find a resolution that helps everyone feel their needs are met.

What is an ATIXA resource or tool that has aided you?

The Investigation in a Box, now TIXKit, has always been very useful when I am called on to assist an institution with an outside investigation!

ATIXA recently announced 2021 spring and summer Title IX training. View the full schedule here.