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Member Spotlight: Kim Kennedy

What is a challenge you face doing Title IX work?

The continuous effort to keep a district this size not just in compliance but implementing preventative work.

What is a successful achievement you have had doing Title IX work?

I think I have effectively reached our school administrators (principals, social workers, counselors) to see me as a resource and support, not as a district person looking to ding them!

What is an ATIXA resource or tool that has aided you?


What is the value of ATIXA membership for you?

Keeps me on my toes, up to date, and professionally grounded.

How has ATIXA helped you be a better professional?

Each certification course has honed my skills and raised my confidence.

What is one way you practice self-care doing such intense work?

Daily exercise and a couple trips a year for a “do-nothing” beach vacay.

What is one piece of advice you would offer your fellow practitioners?

Create lists of 1) Must do now, 2) Need to get to soon, 3) Want to do when I can for your work.

Why did you become a member of ATIXA?

Honestly, K-12 Title IX work can be really stressful. Getting it right and doing it well means safer kiddos. ATIXA from the beginning provided the strongest most professional support I could find.

Visit this link to learn more about the benefits of an ATIXA membership. Additionally, you may be interested in our upcoming Summer Certification Series – designed to give Title IX teams the opportunity to get ATIXA certified in just a week’s time!