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Member Spotlight: Marianne Price

Why did you become a member of ATIXA, and why have you remained a member to this day?

My story of joining ATIXA is much less traditional than other Title IX Coordinators. I was privileged to join the ATIXA Team in 2012 and remained in leadership with the association until my departure in 2017. In my time with ATIXA, I was able to travel the country engaging with other Title IX administrators and building a valuable professional network. I very much value the important work I was able to contribute to as a member of the ATIXA team, and am forever grateful to ATIXA for its impact on my personal growth and professional career. Through my work with ATIXA, I gained a passion for Title IX work and found myself wanting to return to an institution of higher education.

Since working full-time as a Title IX administrator, I have found great value in ATIXA and in sharing its valuable resources and training with my team. I remain connected with ATIXA because of the important work being done by the organization. It continues to shape the way in which I work with my students, how I connect with my university leadership, and it helps me to build important engagement opportunities and trainings for my team.

What is a challenge you face doing Title IX work?

I continue to be challenged to keep up with the ever-changing scope of Title IX. The newest regulations challenged my small team with limited funds to find creative and innovative ways to meet the requirements of Title IX.

What is a successful achievement you have had doing Title IX work?

Since joining Holy Family University, my institution has received just under $120,000 in grant funding to support the work we are doing. This additional funding has been used to build a Title IX Office from the ground up, create a marketing and outreach campaign, and engage our entire campus community in Title IX work. The Title IX Office has grown to include cross-collaborative efforts, internship opportunities, and a robust training and engagement model.

What is an ATIXA resource or toll that has aided you?

I have relied heavily recently on the 20-minute to Trained videos. These have been a valuable tool in working with members of our Title IX Strategic Planning Team, training Advisors, Hearing Officers, and Investigators, and have provided us the ability to train on a budget.

What is the value of ATIXA membership for you?

ATIXA’s continued efforts on equipping the field with templates have been invaluable. The resources created by ATIXA allow Title IX Coordinators and administrators to feel equipped to do their jobs effectively. I appreciate the professional network I have built through ATIXA – it is invaluable to me.

How has ATIXA helped you to be a better professional?

My time as a member of the ATIXA Team has helped me to build upon my current career path. Working behind the scenes with ATIXA provided me with a number of key skills that I rely upon in my current role as Dean of Students & Title IX Coordinator. I am better equipped to do my job because of the tools and resource guides and training opportunities I have engaged with from ATIXA.

What is one way you practice self-care doing such intense work?

I have found myself having transparent conversations with my supervisors and leadership about the importance of balance in the work. I empower myself to take time away to recharge – otherwise I cannot give my best self to the work. I use my time away to do things that bring me joy. I have found that joy motivates me 😊

What is one piece of advice you would offer your fellow practitioners?

As someone who has worked first-hand with ATIXA and TNG leadership, you can trust that what you are getting from these associations is intentional, impactful, thoughtful, and thorough. Keep engaging with each other. My professional network is invaluable to me. I rely on my connections that were built through ATIXA today – there is gratefulness and gratitude in being able to talk with others about things I am working on, how to address and tough situations, or when to do what and how.

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