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June 24-28, 2024
2024 Summer Seminar Series

  • Date
    June 24-28, 2024
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Join ATIXA’s Virtual 2024 Summer Seminar Series, focusing on higher education and K-12 schools and districts. Equip yourself and your team with the tools and knowledge to tackle critical concerns. This focus week offers dynamic and engaging 2-hour long seminars that include topics on:

  • Intimate Partner Violence
  • Stalking
  • Interviewing Minors
  • Assessing Climate Surveys
  • Managing Appeals
  • Coordinating with Law Enforcement
  • Revising Policies
  • Structuring and Training the Title IX Team
  • Health Professions
  • Navigating Dual Enrollment Programs

Please take advantage of these shortened virtual seminars and learn wherever you are this summer. Don’t miss this opportunity to increase your knowledge and gain an edge in your institution.

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Addressing Intimate Partner Violence Seminar

11:00am-1:00pm ET

The seminar covers the impact and spectrum of IPV behaviors, barriers to reporting, and responsive potential for addressing IPV and supporting affected parties. Additionally, the seminar will address situations where the Title IX coordinator believes there is a need to move forward with the grievance process, even if the affected party does not agree, and how to do so with an effective safety plan in place.

Faculty members will present nuanced analytical challenges, such as evaluating self-defense arguments, counter-complaints, autonomic self-defense, questions of intent, and how best to define violence. Lastly, participants will explore the intersection of Title IX and behavioral intervention team (BIT) work regarding risk assessment and response to IPV allegations. Click here to learn more.

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Responding to Stalking Seminar

11:00am-1:00pm ET

This seminar provides participants with an in-depth look at the complex issue of stalking in the education environment, from prevention to intervention to response, including how it affects students and employees.

ATIXA’s expert faculty members review applicable definitions and response requirements under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and Title IX, as well as best practices when working with sophisticated technology/cyber manifestations of invasive behavior. They review how to manage the overbroad federal stalking definition in real-world situations and how this overbreadth can impact our students on the spectrum.

Learn how to identify stalking behaviors, the impact of these behaviors, and your options for response and support for the affected party. Participants will also explore the intersection of Title IX and the work of Behavioral Intervention Teams (BIT) as it relates to risk assessment and response to stalking allegations. Click here to learn more.

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Interviewing Minors Seminar

2:00pm-4:00pm ET

As a Title IX professional, one of the most challenging tasks is interviewing minors involved in investigations as parties or witnesses. Communicating with children appropriately, while considering their linguistic and developmental abilities, is crucial. Additionally, minors may find it challenging to express themselves, especially to an unfamiliar adult. Parents and guardians often insist on being there, and certain states require their permission to interview a minor.

To help overcome these challenges, this seminar will provide participants with the best practices and tools to create safe and trauma-informed environments for interviewing minors. It will include techniques for discussing sensitive or graphic behaviors, selecting an appropriate setting, and the role of advisors, parents, and guardians. ATIXA faculty members will also share suggestions for interview question wording and how to give clear instructions before starting an interview. Participants will listen to and analyze recorded interviews and discuss their feedback with the group. Click here to learn more.

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Assessing Climate Seminar

2:00pm-4:00pm ET

This seminar aims to equip Title IX practitioners with the foundational knowledge of climate assessment methods, tools, and best practices to better understand the frequency of unwelcome conduct, needed services, and barriers to access/reporting. ATIXA’s skilled faculty members introduce the climate assessment not as a stand-alone survey but as a longitudinal self-study process that provides a feedback loop to assess if efforts at gender equity/inclusion are working. This seminar will review the requirements for higher education institutions under VAWA, and how to leverage federal and state requirements to raise awareness of community needs and possibilities for program revision and development.

Faculty members will present aspects of climate survey planning, promotion, implementation, and analysis. Participants will engage in practical survey planning and assessment-informed action planning exercises that can be implemented in their educational communities to inform strategic approves to prevention, removal of structural impediments, and achieving a better understanding of how programs/resources are perceived. Click here to learn more.

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Managing Appeals Seminar

2:00pm-4:00pm ET

This seminar provides participants with the philosophical and practical framework for managing appeals consistent with ATIXA’s best practices to achieve equity and compliance with federal requirements under Title IX and VAWA Section 304. ATIXA’s expert faculty members guide participants through the appeals process, how to determine whether a party has “grounds” for an appeal, and how to assess whether the federally required grounds for appeal are met. This seminar will focus on all four phases of “appeal,” including dismissal appeals, supportive measure appeals, emergency removal “appeals,” and hearing/decision appeals.

In addition, participants will learn how to compose solid rationales, apply the principles of appellate excellence (including deference, the clear error standard, and the use of remand), make determinations based on merits, communicate outcomes, and avoid common pitfalls. This seminar is appropriate for both appeal decision-makers and those who oversee the appeal process, including Title IX Coordinators. Click here to learn more.

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Coordinating K-12 School and Law Enforcement Seminar

2:00pm-4:00pm ET

Coordination and cooperation between school districts, school resource officers, and local law enforcement agencies are crucial in K-12 Title IX work to address overlapping obligations for incident response without getting in each other’s way. This seminar explores best practices and common challenges. It also addresses frequently asked questions regarding effective coordination between schools and law enforcement agencies to help both entities navigate their legal and school safety responsibilities.

ATIXA’s expert faculty members will offer recommendations for information sharing, coordination, and timing of the criminal and Title IX investigations and processes. The seminar will also provide strategies for building effective partnerships, developing memoranda of understanding (MOUs), and opportunities for participants to work through common scenarios in case studies such as court protective orders, concurrent investigations, and the ins and outs of information sharing. Click here to learn more.

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Revising Policies Seminar

11:00am-1:00pm ET

This seminar provides a foundation and framework for developing policies that adapt to changing times, evolving state and federal laws, case laws, and societal norms. While legal requirements and industry standards largely dictate policy, institutions and districts have the discretion to fill some gaps and use policy to speak to campus-specific culture and the needs of their community.

ATIXA faculty members draw upon years of education policy development to share best practices and pitfalls to avoid. The seminar establishes Title IX coordinators’ roles in policy development, how to manage an inclusive and efficient revision process, tips to ensure compliance with Title IX and VAWA Section 304 (as applicable), and state and local requirements. Click here to learn more.

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Structuring, Training, and Supervising the Title IX Team Seminar

2:00pm-4:00pm ET

The implementation of the 2011 Dear Colleague Letter led to the establishment of Title IX offices and the appointment of dedicated Title IX coordinators. By 2014, it was clear that compliance required a collective effort, leading to the formation of Title IX teams. In 2020, new Title IX regulations mandated the formation of teams to ensure compliance. Now, Title IX offices with full-time, dedicated staff are a permanent fixture on many campuses.

Leading a Title IX team is challenging, even for experienced supervisors. Title IX offices face high staff turnover, burnout, and scrutiny from internal stakeholders, courts, and the media. The work of ensuring Title IX compliance involves a distinctive blend of procedural and personnel oversight, which is not typically taught elsewhere. The regulations provide guidance on what districts and institutions must accomplish but leave the methods up to them. Learn the crucial strategies and skills designed for the unique needs of Title IX teamwork because it takes a village to ensure programmatic excellence. Click here to learn more.

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Implementing Title IX in the Health Professions Seminar

11:00am-1:00pm ET

This seminar is intended for Title IX coordinators and administrators in various healthcare profession settings, including technical schools, colleges, universities, clinical programs, hospitals, and other healthcare settings.

ATIXA’s experienced faculty members will address the complexities practitioners face in multi-jurisdictional healthcare settings and discuss the industry standards for Title IX compliance in healthcare education. The workshop will focus on determining jurisdiction, assessing coverage for federally funded residency programs, providing supportive measures in a facility not owned or operated by the institution, and collaborating with a clinical site when the respondent is the site’s employee. Placement criteria, memoranda of understanding (MOUs), and cooperative agreements will be explored with respect to the applicability of Title IX. Click here to learn more.

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Navigating Title IX in Dual Enrollment Programs Seminar

2:00pm-4:00pm ET

Dual enrollment programs can pose a challenge to Title IX compliance as they involve a mix of K-12 and higher education students and staff. These programs can operate in various configurations, including on-site in a K-12 school, at a college or university, or in a hybrid combination. To ensure Title IX compliance across both spheres, school, district, and higher education partners must coordinate and cooperate effectively.

This seminar addresses the common issues and frequently asked questions regarding dual enrollment situations, including assessing jurisdiction over the report or complaint, navigating each entity’s Title IX grievance process, collaborative investigations, implementing memoranda of understanding/cooperative agreements, and promoting effective relationships between multiple education entities. Additionally, the seminar will provide tips and strategies to stop, prevent, and remedy sex- and gender-based harassment that may arise in these unique education settings. Click here to learn more.

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Event Speakers

Erin Agidius, J.D.

Consultant, TNG

Kayleigh Baker, J.D.

Senior Consultant, TNG

Natasha Begin, M.Ed.

Content Developer, TNG

Sharon Perry Fantini, Ph.D.

Partner, TNG & Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Dan Fotoples, J.D., M.A.

Director, Content Development, TNG

Mandy Hambleton, M.S.

Senior Director of Content Development, TNG; Vice President, ATIXA

Alisha Carter Harris, M.S.

Senior Consultant, TNG

W. Scott Lewis, J.D.

Managing Partner, TNG; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Mikiba Morehead, M.A., Ed.D.

Senior Consultant, TNG

Kimberly Pacelli, M.Ed., J.D.

Partner, TNG; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Saundra K. Schuster, M.S., J.D.

Partner, TNG; President, ATIXA; NABITA, Advisory Board Member

Lauren Starnes, J.D.

Consultant, TNG

Daniel C. Swinton, J.D., Ed.D.

Chief Consulting Officer and Partner, TNG

Joseph Vincent, M.L.S.

Partner and Vice President for Investigations, TNG

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