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November 13-15, 2024
2024 Title IX Coordinator Training in Practice Week

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    November 13-15, 2024
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Join ATIXA’s virtual 2024 Title IX Coordinator Training in Practice Week!

This exciting week of training, led by Title IX specialists, is designed to enable Title IX Coordinators to practice and enhance their skills. Each workshop and seminar welcomes active participation and practical learning, providing Title IX Coordinators renewed confidence in their work. Plus, the trainings aim to boost practical skills in investigations, team supervision, intake, dismissals, rationale writing, and more. Take part in our virtual courses from anywhere and boost your skills before the end of the year.

Why Choose ATIXA?

ATIXA’s expert faculty members are more than great instructors—they are also your professional peers, actively engaged in Title IX roles nationwide. Their firsthand experience with similar challenges and their adept problem-solving approaches ensure that you receive relevant, practical insights in every training.

“I appreciate the deep knowledge of ATIXA training staff and their willingness/ability to address thoughtfully questions about myriad real-life situations encountered by participants.”

Joe Springer, Hearing Chair, Goshen College

The 2024 Title IX Coordinator Training in Practice Week courses:

  • Applying Policy in Investigations & Determinations Workshop
  • Structuring, Training, & Supervising the Title IX Team Seminar
  • Managing Intake, Jurisdiction, and Dismissals Workshop
  • Making Supportive Measures Count Workshop
  • Writing Outcome Rationales Workshop
  • Managing Appeals Seminar

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Applying Policy in Investigations & Determinations Workshop

11:00am-3:00pm ET

Title IX team members must deeply understand the Title IX policy-based offense definitions of their district, school, or institution. This includes complex legal constructs and terms of art. Deconstructing an offense definition into its component elements (parsing) is critical to effectively serving as an investigator or decision-maker, roles that must understand the process of converting policies into models of proof.

Participants will practice breaking down policy language into critical elements and using those elements to guide their analysis. ATIXA’s expert faculty members will demonstrate how to use policy deconstruction tools to provide clear insights into the tasks required during each phase of the formal grievance process.

Participants can practice using policy interpretation tools for case studies covering investigations and decision-making in large-group, small-group, and individual settings. Click here to learn more.

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Structuring, Training, & Supervising the Title IX Team Seminar

4:00pm-6:00pm ET

The implementation of the 2011 Dear Colleague Letter led to the establishment of Title IX offices and the appointment of dedicated Title IX coordinators. By 2014, it was clear that compliance required a collective effort, leading to the formation of Title IX teams. In 2020, new Title IX regulations mandated the formation of teams to ensure compliance. Now, Title IX offices with full-time, dedicated staff are a permanent fixture on many campuses.

Leading a Title IX team is challenging, even for experienced supervisors. Title IX offices face high staff turnover, burnout, and scrutiny from internal stakeholders, courts, and the media. The work of ensuring Title IX compliance involves a distinctive blend of procedural and personnel oversight, which is not typically taught elsewhere. The regulations provide guidance on what districts and institutions must accomplish but leave the methods up to them. Learn the crucial strategies and skills designed for the unique needs of Title IX teamwork because it takes a village to ensure programmatic excellence. Click here to learn more.

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Managing Intake, Jurisdiction, and Dismissals Workshop

11:00am-3:00pm ET

This workshop is designed for individuals who want to improve their skills at managing compassionate intake, making jurisdictional determinations, and documenting the results of an initial assessment, including any dismissals, referrals, or appeals that may arise.

Attendees will participate in small group breakout sessions where they will work through a set of brief case studies that challenge them to apply the ATIXA practices. In addition, the workshop includes an interactive group discussion of the case studies, advanced techniques, and common mistakes to avoid. Click here to learn more.

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Making Supportive Measures Count Workshop

11:00am-3:00pm ET

Supportive measures can be crucial for individuals contending with the aftermath of sexual violence or other conduct covered by Title IX. This workshop offers a comprehensive overview of ATIXA’s recommended best practices to support the needs of all parties involved in the Title IX process. This includes adhering to federal requirements under Title IX and the Clery Act/VAWA Section 304.

ATIXA’s faculty members will guide participants in identifying appropriate supportive measures for each party, understanding an unreasonable request, and working with the parties to ensure effective supportive measures. Participants will learn how to meaningfully coordinate with faculty/teachers and administrators and maintain records. Participants will also explore cross-cultural approaches and considerations for managing identity-based challenges. Click here to learn more.

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Writing Outcome Rationales Workshop

11:00am-3:00pm ET

Proficiency in writing precise rationales is essential for both investigators and decision-makers during the formal grievance process. Rationales are intricate and require significant analytical and writing abilities to effectively convey the practitioner’s thoughts. This includes analyzing all relevant facts, applying policies, assessing credibility, applying the standard of proof, making a final determination, elaborating on sanctions, and providing reasons for the decision.

While understanding the rationale is important, articulating it in writing can be challenging. This workshop helps attendees find their voice, decide how much to say, and the best way to convey it. Click here to learn more.

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Managing Appeals Seminar

4:00pm-6:00pm ET

This seminar provides participants with the philosophical and practical framework for managing appeals consistent with ATIXA’s best practices to achieve equity and compliance with federal requirements under Title IX and VAWA Section 304. ATIXA’s expert faculty members guide participants through the appeals process, how to determine whether a party has “grounds” for an appeal, and how to assess whether the federally required grounds for appeal are met. This seminar will focus on all four phases of “appeal,” including dismissal appeals, supportive measure appeals, emergency removal “appeals,” and hearing/decision appeals.

In addition, participants will learn how to compose solid rationales, apply the principles of appellate excellence (including deference, the clear error standard, and the use of remand), make determinations based on merits, communicate outcomes, and avoid common pitfalls. This seminar is appropriate for both appeal decision-makers and those who oversee the appeal process, including Title IX Coordinators. Click here to learn more.

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Event Speakers

Erin Agidius, J.D.

Consultant, TNG

Kayleigh Baker, J.D.

Senior Consultant, TNG

Amelia Barbadoro, J.D., Ph.D.

Consultant, TNG

Sharon Perry Fantini, Ph.D.

Partner, TNG & Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Mandy Hambleton, M.S.

Senior Director of Content Development, TNG; Vice President, ATIXA

Alisha Carter Harris, M.S.

Senior Consultant, TNG

W. Scott Lewis, J.D.

Managing Partner, TNG; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Reid McCormick, M.L.S.

Consultant, TNG

Mikiba Morehead, M.A., Ed.D.

Senior Consultant, TNG

Kimberly Pacelli, M.Ed., J.D.

Partner, TNG; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Lauren Starnes, J.D.

Consultant, TNG

Daniel C. Swinton, J.D., Ed.D.

Chief Consulting Officer and Partner, TNG

Joseph Vincent, M.L.S.

Partner and Vice President for Investigations, TNG

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There are scholarships available for the Virtual 2024 Title IX Coordinator Training in Practice Week. Scholarship applications must be submitted by October 11, 2024.

If your application is approved, you will be notified via email 2 weeks prior to your course start date. To apply, click here.

Those attending a certification course will receive a certification for the course as well as recertifying credits (CCCs) for any current certification for a 2-year time period.

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