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December 9 - 13, 2024
2024 Winter Series for K-12 Schools and Districts

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    December 9 - 13, 2024
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Join ATIXA’s virtual 2024 Winter Series for K-12 Schools & Districts!

Dive into K-12 school and district trainings to empower yourself and your team with the tools and knowledge to address vital concerns in your school community. This focus week presents dynamic certification courses and workshops led by seasoned faculty members, providing practical insights on Title IX and disability compliance, roles and responsibilities, and strategies for informal resolution, athletics, jurisdiction, and decision-making. Take part in our virtual courses from anywhere and boost your skills mid-year. Don’t miss this chance to certify yourself and elevate your institution!

Why Choose ATIXA?

ATIXA’s expert faculty members are more than great instructors—they are also your professional peers, actively engaged in Title IX roles nationwide. Their firsthand experience with similar challenges and their adept problem-solving approaches ensure that you receive relevant, practical insights in every training.

“ATIXA’s trainings and resources have been invaluable to me during my first year as Title IX Coordinator for a large K-12 school district. The trainings helped me understand my role. I will continue to recommend ATIXA’s trainings and resources to those in other school districts.” 

Carly G. Elliott, Esq. (Executive Director of Civil Rights & Title IX Coordinator, Metro-Nashville Public Schools) 

The 2024 Winter Series for K-12 Schools & Districts courses:

  • Navigating Title IX in Dual Enrollment Programs Seminar
  • Interviewing Minors Seminar
  • Supporting Pregnancy, Parenting, & Related Conditions Workshop
  • Coordinating K-12 School and Law Enforcement Processes Seminar
  • Investigation Report Writing for K-12 Education
  • Title IX Compliance & Athletics for K-12 Education
  • Informal Resolution Foundations for K-12 Education
  • Title IX Decision-making for K-12 Education

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Navigating Title IX in Dual Enrollment Programs Seminar

11:00am-1:00pm ET

Dual enrollment programs can pose a challenge to Title IX compliance as they involve a mix of K-12 and higher education students and staff. These programs can operate in various configurations, including on-site in a K-12 school, at a college or university, or in a hybrid combination. To ensure Title IX compliance across both spheres, school, district, and higher education partners must coordinate and cooperate effectively.

This seminar addresses the common issues and frequently asked questions regarding dual enrollment situations, including assessing jurisdiction over the report or complaint, navigating each entity’s Title IX grievance process, collaborative investigations, implementing memoranda of understanding/cooperative agreements, and promoting effective relationships between multiple education entities. Additionally, the seminar will provide tips and strategies to stop, prevent, and remedy sex- and gender-based harassment that may arise in these unique education settings. Click here to learn more.

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Interviewing Minors Seminar

2:00pm-4:00pm ET

As a Title IX professional, one of the most challenging tasks is interviewing minors involved in investigations as parties or witnesses. Communicating with children appropriately, while considering their linguistic and developmental abilities, is crucial. Additionally, minors may find it challenging to express themselves, especially to an unfamiliar adult. Parents and guardians often insist on being there, and certain states require their permission to interview a minor.

To help overcome these challenges, this seminar will provide participants with the best practices and tools to create safe and trauma-informed environments for interviewing minors. It will include techniques for discussing sensitive or graphic behaviors, selecting an appropriate setting, and the role of advisors, parents, and guardians. ATIXA faculty members will also share suggestions for interview question wording and how to give clear instructions before starting an interview. Click here to learn more.

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Supporting Pregnancy, Parenting, & Related Conditions Workshop

11:00am-3:00pm ET

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Title IX regulatory requirements and ATIXA’s recommended best practices for accommodating pregnant students, employees, and individuals with pregnancy-related conditions.

Participants will define pregnancy and related conditions, including non-medical childcare needs, lactation, fertility treatments/IVF, adoption, abortion, and miscarriage.

The workshop will cover reasonable accommodations versus appropriate adjustments, how to support pregnant student-athletes and non-birthing parents, and case studies designed to enhance participants’ knowledge and confidence. Click here to learn more.

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Coordinating K-12 School and Law Enforcement Processes Seminar

2:00pm-4:00pm ET

This seminar explores best practices and common challenges. It also addresses frequently asked questions regarding effective coordination between schools and law enforcement agencies to help both entities navigate their legal and school safety responsibilities.

ATIXA’s expert faculty members will offer recommendations for information sharing, coordination, and timing of the criminal and Title IX investigations and processes. The seminar will also provide strategies for building effective partnerships, developing memoranda of understanding (MOUs), and opportunities for participants to work through common scenarios in case studies such as court protective orders, concurrent investigations, and the ins and outs of information sharing. Click here to learn more.

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Investigation Report Writing for K-12 Education

11:00am-6:00pm ET

Investigation Report Writing offers a deep dive into the writing mechanics, format, structure, and best practices for investigation report writing and other documentation essential to high-quality K-12 Title IX investigations.

Topics covered include structuring documentation and recordkeeping, addressing unavailable information, incorporating feedback from the parties, evaluating credibility, assessing relevance, and more.

ATIXA’s expert faculty members will also discuss commonly asked writing mechanics questions, such as how to integrate quotations from interviews or other sources, compile evidence, what tense to use, how to identify (or de-identify witnesses), FERPA consent, and how to manage sensitive information and materials. Click here to learn more.

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Informal Resolution Foundations for K-12 Education

11:00am-6:00pm ET

This foundational course for K-12 schools and districts aims to familiarize participants with ATIXA’s Informal Resolution Framework and the crucial elements to consider when deciding if and how to offer informal resolution during the Title IX grievance process. It covers various topics, including the structural and policy choices that schools and districts must make and how each school’s culture affects those decisions.

Rather than adopting a particular alternative dispute resolution model (facilitated dialogue, restorative practices, mediation, etc.), ATIXA’s experts will provide various options suited to Title IX complaints to facilitate durable, fair, and equitable resolution. Click here to learn more.

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Title IX Compliance & Athletics for K-12 Education

11:00am-6:00pm ET

This course covers sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, program equity, and culture challenges in athletics at K-12 schools and districts. ATIXA faculty members will delve deeply into program equity compliance, and attendees will leave with a better understanding of why program inequity issues exist, how to spot red flags, and how to address them.

The presenters will draw from the courts, from the news, and from their experiences working with athletic departments of all types across the country, as well as within the Olympic movement. This course is relevant for Title IX Coordinators with little or no athletic administration experience but is also intended for seasoned athletic compliance staff. Click here to learn more.

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Title IX Decision-making for K-12 Education

11:00am-6:00pm ET

Using a case study fact pattern only offered in this ATIXA training, this course helps K-12 practitioners serving in decision-making roles to understand the scope of their position, apply policies with analytical precision, and check biases to ensure that determinations in Title IX complaints are reliably based on evidence, and will stand up to appeal and review by the courts.

This course is particularly beneficial for investigators also serving as decision-makers, single or panel decision-makers, appeal decision-makers, and administrators who oversee them. Additionally, this course supports individuals acting as decision-makers in expulsion hearings. Click here to learn more.

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