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TNG Guardian Case Management Software

TNG Guardian Case Management Software

TNG Guardian – The Affordable Case Management Software Solution You Need

TNG Guardian

Harness the power of Guardian’s dynamic reporting and customizable, configurable, user- and mobile-friendly software to meet your case management needs.

The Affordable Case Management Software Solution You Need

Guardian is an easy-to-use case management software with virtually unlimited adaptability. Guardian was designed as a case management system, not a records repository. Unlike database software, Guardian can be configured to your organization’s unique needs, preferences, and processes.

With a responsive, user-friendly interface, Guardian allows you to customize workflows, perform all case-related activities on one screen, easily toggle between cases, and view and create detailed reports in one centralized hub.

Customizable and Configurable

Guardian’s versatile workflow view allows users to create processes and customize workflows. As a result, all departments involved in case management can securely and cost-effectively take advantage of the tool, giving it much broader applicability for most schools and colleges than other systems designed for narrower use cases.

Current clients use Guardian for the following case management needs, both in higher education and K-12:

  • Title IX complaints
  • Discrimination complaints (age, race, disability, religion, etc.) under Titles VI, VII, etc.
  • Student conduct/discipline
  • Employee conduct/discipline under Human Resources/Employee Relations
  • Residential Life infractions
  • 504/ADA disability/access accommodations
  • IEP/MDR case management and information sharing (K-12)
  • Counseling services case/session notes
  • Academic Integrity violations
  • BIT/CARE case tracking
  • Clery Act compliance
  • Incident tracking for campus safety/law enforcement/SROs

User- and Mobile-Friendly

No other tool can easily be used across departments while fully configurable to allow or restrict workflow and data access based on user permissions.

Guardian aims to simplify case management with a single login across devices to view and submit emails, upload complaints, documents, and sanctions, and file appeals.

Dynamic Reporting

Take the guesswork out of compliance reporting with Guardian’s automated Clery reporting and wealth of advanced statistics and reporting features. View and create custom, detailed reports with charts and trends, then schedule and distribute them automatically.

Get Started

Our expert team is continuously developing new features and capabilities to keep up with your ever-evolving needs. To learn more about how Guardian can help streamline your case management process, contact