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eTraining Terms and Conditions

All eTraining users recognize that ATIXA is not providing legal advice or acting in the capacity of legal counsel, and that users should consult their own legal counsel before relying or acting upon any advice or suggestions made by ATIXA’s employees, consultants, or representatives in the course of their training programs. While ATIXA trainings may include compliance elements, ATIXA offers no warranties or guarantees as to content, and accepts no liability for how the content is interpreted or implemented by users.

Those enrolled may access course materials for three months following purchase.

Access is non-transferable.

If paying for an eTraining by cheque, registration will be confirmed and access to the eTraining course will be provided only after payment is received by ATIXA. ATIXA has the right to cancel an order if payment is not made or a purchase order is not submitted within 30 days.

ATIXA has a per-transaction limit of $5,000 for all credit card authorizations. Amounts due to ATIXA in excess of $5,000 must be paid via cheque.

Refunds for duplicate transactions will be returned via cheque within four weeks of ATIXA’s receipt of the refund request.

Certification can be revoked due to non-payment.

Registration for Members
To register an individual attendee at Member Rates, the anticipated attendee must have an active ATIXA Full Individual Membership, or the organization must have an active Full Institutional, K-12 Professional Development Package holders, and Super Membership. Registration fee is automatically applied based on your membership status at the time of registration.

K-12 Professional Development Package holders & Super Members may use the coupon code provided to you upon activation of your membership. If you are unable to locate your specific code, please see your My ATIXA page or contact us here. If intending to use a K-12 Professional Development Package holder or Super Member inclusion to pay for registration, do not register directly on the website without a coupon code.

Group Registrations
Group registrations can be managed by contacting Certifications will only be provided to those who are verified as having completed training. Content is intended for individual use and should not be completed as a group.

External Discounts
Please note that external discounts cannot be combined with existing member and group registration discounts.