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Title IX Expert Witness Services

We excel as educators in courtrooms when you need to explain industry standards to juries.

Impartial, Independent Expert Witnesses with Deep Expertise and Unwavering Professionalism

Our team of esteemed consultants are renowned subject matter experts recognized for their unbiased and independent opinions. We have built a strong reputation for addressing more than 150 state and federal discrimination, misconduct, and Title IX cases with excellence.

Expert Witness and Litigation Support

Our experienced consultants act as expert witnesses and litigation strategists in state and federal court cases. We have provided our services as both plaintiff and defense experts for two decades in over 100 cases.

Sexual Misconduct Campus Hearing Expert Witnesses

In some instances, individuals who file complaints or those who are accused may require expert witnesses to testify during internal Title IX proceedings. Educational institutions have a responsibility to permit professionals like ourselves to testify in compliance with current regulations. Our expertise can make a difference for decision-makers in your most demanding cases.