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Title IX Investigations Services

Our experts conduct equitable investigations for many forms of civil rights violations, including race, sex, gender, age, disability, religion, and more.

Investigation Services for All Your Discrimination Complaint Needs

Our team of 25+ professional investigators brings subject matter expertise and technical acumen to investigations of all sizes and complexity with the highest level of experience, professionalism, and organization.

Our independent investigators facilitate professional and unbiased civil rights investigations free from conflicts of interest. Our expertise includes the performance of investigations, specifically in civil rights and discrimination investigations and OCR complaint closure.

Whether you need one investigator, a team of two, or a bench of 20 to manage a systemic crisis, all our investigators are ready to meet your needs and can be deployed quickly. They are certified by ATIXA and have deep experience investigating sex, gender, race, disability, religion, ethnicity, age, and other forms of protected class discrimination. We offer the deepest, highest-quality bench you can find in the field. Our internal quality controls, professional development for our team, and keen supervision ensure we deliver the best possible work product for our clients.

Title IX, Title VII, Title VI, Civil Rights and Student/Employee Misconduct Investigations

Our investigators are highly trained to conduct civil rights and external investigations, and they provide a polished and professional final report that follows your organization’s policies and procedures.

Employment Investigations and Resolutions

Our expert team of experienced investigators is entrusted with uncovering and interpreting highly confidential and challenging information. This includes cases of critical employee misconduct and cover-ups that require the utmost sensitivity and discretion.

Investigation Oversight and Review

Our skilled investigators are procedural experts who collaborate with your team to carry out an investigation. We are agile enough to work in various spaces, including K-12, colleges, universities, and organizations, and we understand the intricacies required for different types of investigations.