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Online Communities FAQs

View the responses to these Frequently Asked Questions by clicking on a question. Use these FAQs about our Online Communities platform to help you with your experience.

A: You will have access for as long as you have membership with ATIXA. Online Community access will be renewed once you renew your membership.

A: Only those within your specialized Online Community will see your name and profile fields that you fill out. You will also not be able to see members within other Online Communities.

A: The only personal information other members will see is your first and last name as it appears in our system and that you are a member of the Online Community. Other personal information, such as email address, will not be shared with other members. You may choose to update your name and other profile fields for members to see.

A: ATIXA staff will post monthly topic discussions, ice breakers, resources, and event reminders. You can expect to see other members post resources and ask questions. You can also post, react to posts, and share information!

A: Posts that contain foul language will be flagged and not posted until reviewed by a moderator. All other posts will automatically be visible to all members in the community.

A: Yes, you can edit and delete your posts at any time! Click the ellipses (the three dots) on the right-hand side of your post and click edit or delete post.

A: You do not have to join the Online Community. Only those that click the ACCESS YOUR ONLINE COMMUNITY button from the My ATIXA page will join.

A: Click the Online Community you are in from the left side column, then on the top right click the ellipses (3 dots) next to the notification bell icon, then click leave. You will leave the Online Community, and you can join again by clicking the ACCESS YOUR ONLINE COMMUNITY button from your My ATIXA page.

A: Click the message icon at the top right side. Click the ellipses (3 dots) and click Turn off messaging.

A: ATIXA experts will continue to respond to your case-by-case and content questions within 24 business hours on the Listserv. Use the Online Communities to share posts, knowledge, feedback, and chat with other members in the community.

A: You will not receive email notifications from the Online Community itself. ATIXA, however, will send out monthly reminders to those who join the Online Community to login and check out new posts. This is to boost participation, and you may opt out of messages from ATIXA by clicking unsubscribe to any of these emails.

A: No, you do not need a separate password to join or log in.You must be logged into your ATIXA account to access.

A: Please continue to post anonymous and non-anonymous case-by-case and content questions on the Listserv for ATIXA expertise within 24 business hours. You can post questions in Online Communities for member feedback.

A: There is no feature to post anonymous questions within Online Communities. Use the Listserv for anonymous questions.

Please reach out to if you have additional questions. Go back to your My ATIXA page to access your online community.