Recent Articles and News Items about Title IX

May 2019

TNG Announces the Newly Redesigned Websites of ATIXA and NaBITA

April 2019

Here is What MSU Received for Paying Elite Firm $6.2 Million to Investigate 170 Sexual Assault Cases

ATIXA Announces Registration Open for the Inaugural 2019 West Coast Annual Conference

ATIXA Announces Registration Open for 2019 East Coast Annual Conference

March 2019

ATIXA Position Statement: When Sexual Harassment Definitions are in Limbo, Go Back to the Statute Itself

BC Successfully Limits Scope of $3 Million Lawsuit Jury Trial

February 2019

A Different Challenge to Fraternities

What Responsibility Does a University Have to Regulate Fraternity Culture?

Yale Students Want Girls Admitted Into Frats to Fix Toxic Sexual Culture

Ruling Affirming the Rights of Students Accused of Sexual Misconduct Roils California Colleges

Boston College Tries to Limit its Potential Liability in Title IX Due Process Trial

BC Files New Brief In $3 Million Lawsuit

January 2019

ATIXA Releases Comments on the U.S. Department of Education’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Regulations Implementing Title IX

ATIXA Releases Brand New and Fully Revised One Policy, One Process Model Policy, the Only 2019-Ready Model Available to the Field

ATIXA and NaBITA Announce New Membership Levels

Harvard Cracks Down on All-Male Clubs. But It’s Women’s Groups That Have Vanished

December 2018

Judge OK’s ‘John Doe’ Suit: Use of a Pseudonym Allowable for Alleged Sexual Misconduct Sanctioning

November 2018

OTL: College Athletes Three Times More Likely to be Named in Title IX Sexual Misconduct Complaints
Conference Breakdown: Sexual Misconduct Complaints at Each Power 5 School
U.S. Department of Education Releases Proposed Title IX Rule

October 2018

#MeToo Inspires Wave of Old Misconduct Reports to Colleges
ATIXA Position Statement on Equitable Appeals Best Practices
ATIXA Position Statement on Cross-Examining the Urge to Transform College Conduct Proceedings into Courtrooms
The NCHERM Group Announces Expansion and New Staff
2nd Brett Kavanaugh Accuser Certain About Alleged Encounter, Her Lawyer Says

September 2018

The NCHERM Group and Accredible Announce a New Partnership Aimed at Furthering Systems-level Solutions for Safer Schools and Campuses
Why More Colleges Are Trying Restorative Justice in Sex-Assault Cases
NIU to Offer Title IX Coordinator, Administrator Certification Training

August 2018

Ohio State Investigation: How Title IX Could Determine Whether Urban Meyer Coaches Again
Boston College Wants to Avoid Jury Trial for Dean Telling Title IX Adjudicators How to Rule
Discredited Researcher Cited in Guidance for Title IX Administrators, Critics Say
Education Department Opens Civil Rights Inquiry Into Abuse at Ohio State
Students Accused of Sexual Assault Must be Allowed to Cross-Examine Accusers, Courts Say
A Step-by-Step Guide to Trump’s New College Sexual-Assault Policy

July 2018

ATIXA Position Statement on Consideration of Pattern Evidence in Campus Sexual Misconduct Allegations

June 2018

ATIXA Position Statement on the Free Speech Rights of Individuals Involved in Sexual Misconduct Proceedings

Students Want Due Process — With Limited Rights in Sexual Misconduct Cases
One Person as ‘Prosecutor, Judge and Jury’

May 2018

After the Investigation: A Look at Sexual Assault and Title IX
Relationship Restrictions

April 2018

ATIXA announces 20 Minutes to…Trained!

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