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Jen Ball, Ph.D.

Jennifer L. Ball, Ph.D. is the Chief Inclusion Officer, Title VI, IX, ADA/504 Coordinator, and Professor of History at Clarkson University. She is also the institution’s Title IX Coordinator.

Ball studied History and Women Studies at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. She has experience in both the academic and non-profit sectors. Her historical work has focused on Constitutional History and topics in American Gender and Sexuality Studies. Her social documentation and bystander intervention work focused on cultural resonance in training methods as a means of effectiveness.

She has shifted her focus in recent years to utilize her background in history and gender and sexuality studies to focus on current day analysis of civil rights compliance and Diversity and Inclusion. She serves on the National Advisory Board of the Association of Title IX Administrators and was a contributing editor to Title IX Today.

Other areas of interests involve dialogical practice and its integration into higher education pedagogy. She is currently working with the Difficult Dialogues National Resource Center to increase its outreach and impact.

She has a background in LGBTQIA+ and gender equity nonprofit advocacy. Her research and teaching interests include gender, sexuality, social activism, and social documentation.

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