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Kim Turner, J.D.

Kim Turner, J.D., serves as a nonprofit leader for a long-running Bay Area organization and as an independent consultant on gender equity in youth sports as well as Title IX athletic matters. Previously Kim directed the Gender Equity Initiative for Positive Coaching Alliance and served as a Title IX litigator for the nonprofit project Fair Play for Girls in Sports, of Legal Aid at Work, conducting Title IX litigation as well as engaging in Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights matters on behalf of girls and their families in under-resourced communities, while providing technical assistance to governmental entities. Kim is dedicated to advancing sports-based gender equity within schools and districts, for youth, coaches, stakeholders, leaders, and community programs. She presents and writes for diverse audiences on sport-based gender equity, Title IX, and related issues, advocates for equity-spurring legislation and policies, and provides technical assistance, resources, and tools to wide-ranging groups and audiences. Before law school in New York, she worked for a U.S. Senator, the White House, and with the National League of Cities in Washington D.C. Kim served as a member of the expert review panel for the Women’s Sports Foundation report: “50 Years of Title IX: We’re Not Done Yet.” Kim coaches youth sports, played Division 1 college volleyball at Brown University, and enjoys all things athletic with family, friends, and colleagues in the Bay Area. 

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