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Tanaya Kollipara

Tanaya Kollipara (she/her) is a recent graduate from UC Berkeley, majoring in Business Administration on the premed track. During her time there, she was the Chair of the ASUC’s Intimate Partner Violence Commission, the UC Berkeley undergraduate student representative for the Title IX Student Advisory Board, program manager of several programs empowering survivors and other marginalized folks at a local nonprofit (YWCA Berkeley/Oakland), and award-winning author of her book “Stigma: Breaking the Asian American Silence on Mental Health.” She’s been with KYIX for 2 years now as a student engagement organizer, after getting started with Title IX advocacy work at her local high school. In recognition for her work in this space, she was invited by VP Kamala Harris to the White House to speak in a roundtable discussion on Title IX and reproductive rights. She currently works at Stanford University as a researcher, as she continues her Title IX advocacy.

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