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Top 11 ATIXA Resources for ATIXA’s 11th Anniversary

To commemorate ATIXA’s 11th birthday on Aug. 11, view 11 of the most widely accessed resources from 2022:

  1. Investigation Report Templates – Title IX Toolkit (TIXKit) and Investigator Only TIXKit inclusion
  2. Model Policy/Protocol for Fair and Equitable Admission or Post-Admission Screen and Review Template  – open to the public
  3. Assessment, Synthesis, Credibility, and Recommended Findings – Title IX Toolkit (TIXKit) and Investigator Only TIXKit inclusion
  4. Who’s Who on the Higher Education Title IX Team?Free for all members of ATIXA
  5. ATIXA 2022 Whitepaper: Recommendations for Non-Discriminatory Approaches to Address Criminal and Disciplinary History in the College/University Admission Process – open to the public
  6. 1P2P Comparison Tool – open to the public
  7. Reissued Position Statement on Title IX, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression – open to the public
  8. 2021 ATIXA State of the ATIXA’s State of the Field Survey – open to the public
  9. New Regulations are Coming, a NPRiMer: What You Need to Know About the New Title IX Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) On-Demand – open to the public
  10. Online Jurisdictional Rubric – open to the public
  11. Flowchart-Finalizing the Investigation Report – open to the public

All K-12 Super Members/Super Members of ATIXA have access to the ATIXA Title IX Toolkit (TIXKit), and the Investigator Only TIXKit. Both items are purchasable.

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