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ATIXA Curriculum: Revolutionizing Title IX Education and Training

ATIXA’s latest curriculum fuses theoretical content and practical application and addresses the full spectrum of Title IX compliance responsibilities for higher education and K-12.

With more than 40 certification courses, workshops, and seminars, the revised ATIXA curriculum features shorter courses with easier-to-digest information, more interaction and engagement for learners, a holistic approach to the curriculum, and a roadmap for achieving excellence in compliance.

Learners can choose topics a la carte or follow an ATIXA-prescribed curriculum path to professional excellence. To accommodate a variety of learners and learning styles, ATIXA content is offered in-person, virtually, and through asynchronous eTrainings. ATIXA’s training addresses the full spectrum of Title IX compliance responsibilities for higher education and K-12 practitioners and Title IX-related disciplines.

These unique innovations are exclusively available through ATIXA.

Curriculum Paths

ATIXA is pleased to offer new resources to help you chart your training with us. Our curriculum paths allow you to find the right training for you and your team based on institution type, role, topic, and more. The ATIXA team is always hard at work developing resources to assist you in your professional development, we anticipate this being one more tool in your toolbox to meet the evolving landscape of best practices.

We have developed unique curriculum paths for:

ATIXA’s Three E’s

Employing the Three E’s (Educate, Elevate, and Experience), our curriculum highlights applied learning as an integral part of training.

ATIXA Curriculum

ATIXA Curriculum


ATIXA faculty members educate learners on compliance and the nuances of programmatic excellence by sharing industry standards and practical applications gained through their firsthand knowledge as Title IX coordinators, investigators, and decision-makers.

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ATIXA's Curriculum

ATIXA's Curriculum


Our faculty use case studies, experiential activities, and real scenarios to elevate ATIXA-trained practitioners to be the best in their field.

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ATIXA's Curriculum

ATIXA's Curriculum


Learners gain practical experience, such as reviewing fact patterns, assessing jurisdiction, applying dismissal criteria, exploring roadblocks, and identifying potential policy violations, to enhance professional skills and build comfort with complexity and nuance.

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Scheduled Curriculum Release

You can begin training with our new courses at our Annual Conference in October 2023 in Philadelphia, PA. Course content will be refreshed when the 2023 regulations are released, which also is expected to be in October.

New courses will be released in October 2023, January 2024, and June 2024. Registration dates are as follows:

  • Registration for the October 2023 courses opens in June 2023.
  • Registration for the January 2024 courses opens in July 2023.
  • Registration for the June 2024 courses opens in January 2024.

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