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Navigating the Tides of Change in Title IX Regulations

Insights from ATIXA’s Advisory Board Member Leah Gutknecht.

My ATIXA story began in 2011 when I attended their very first Title IX training in St. Louis, Missouri. I became an ATIXA member right away. Since then, I have witnessed phenomenal growth within the organization and the field. We knew how critical an organization like ATIXA was. We were starving for the information, guidance, clarity, and sense of camaraderie it offered.

The emergence of new roles has created an abundance of previously non-existent opportunities. Universities and colleges have put tremendous effort into fostering growth by establishing systems and encouraging comprehensive training programs. There’s been a shift from individuals attending training sessions to ATIXA Super Members educating whole teams. It’s no longer about operating in isolation as a one-person shop; it’s about building a community of skilled professionals ready to tackle the challenges of the field together.

The Impact of the 2020 Regulations

When the 2020 regulations were released, there was a seismic shift. These regulations carved out specific roles for practitioners, which brought clarity and highlighted unconscious bias when someone held multiple roles. They laid the groundwork for my colleagues in one-person shops to ask their administration for teams. While they may not yet have the dedicated staffing they deserve, they have been able to collaborate with colleagues across campus. Together, they formed cross-departmental teams dedicated to Title IX, ensuring no individual is burdened with overlapping responsibilities. This emphasis on role distinction has nurtured professionalism and has served to protect the interests of all parties involved in Title IX proceedings.

The Bedrock for Title IX Professionals

ATIXA provides essential resources and training and is a bedrock community for Title IX professionals. The best thing about ATIXA has always been the sense of community, from colleagues and cheerleaders like Saunie Schuster, who uses her voice in such a caring, compassionate, and compelling manner, to the solid professional relationships that I’ve formed on the Advisory Board. Even though ATIXA has now grown to more than 13,000 members, it retains the feel and high-touch of a smaller association and has worked hard to maintain that community culture.

The comprehensive seminars and workshops allow members to drill down into more specific concepts, particularly if they don’t require full certification. These meticulously crafted learning opportunities are pivotal for understanding and applying the dense material within the regulatory landscape.

How to Prioritize the 2024 Regulations

In this 2024 regulatory landscape, ATIXA boasts a deep bench of consultants and faculty available to assist members with their varying needs. Expect to be overwhelmed with insights from ATIXA consultants working around the clock, but they will pull out the key elements to prioritize. I strongly encourage engagement in webinars and trainings, especially the Time with IX sessions, to grasp the nuances of new policies.

To everyone tackling the 2024 regulations, join us at ATIXA. If you’re ready to gain unparalleled support and resources, become a member or contact to upgrade today.

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