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Job Opportunities

Compliance Assistant

Kent, OH

Associate Director and Deputy Title IX Officer–Health

San Diego, CA

Civil Rights Investigator

Blacksburg, VA

Project Director Violence Prevention and Response Initiatives

Boise, ID

Civil Rights Investigator

Stephenville, TX

Prevention Coordinator

New York, NY

Title IX Coordinator and Director of the Sexual Harassment/Assault, Response, and Education (SHARE) Office

Stanford, CA

Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Baltimore, MD

EEO Associates

Champaign, IL

Coordinator IV - Employee Relations Title IX

Fort Worth , TX

Title IX, EO and 504 Coordinator

St. Petersburg, FL

Equity Specialist

Cedar Falls, IA

Director of Support for Workforce Training (SWFT)/Workforce Equity Initiative

Champaign, IL

Compliance Investigator

Kent, OH

Equal Opportunity Specialist 2

Houston, TX

Dean of Students

Barrow, AK

Director of Investigations

Irvine, CA

Title IX Officer

Irvine, CA

Title IX Investigator

Falls Church, VA

Coordinator III, Title IX

Falls Church, VA