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Associate Director Office of Health Promotion Department of Student Health – University of Virginia

Title IX Investigator – University of Alabama at Birmingham

Assistant Director for Investigations /Assistant Title IX Coordinator – Stony Brook University

Equity Consultant and Investigator – University of Missouri

Administrative Assistant – University of Missouri

Assistant Director, UFMC, BSRC, GIR – University of San Diego

Title IX and Equity Compliance Specialist – University of Illinois at Chicago

Head of Strategy & Business Development – Callisto

Director of Marketing & Communications – Callisto

Assistant/Associate Director and Title IX Coordinator – University of Illinois

Title IX Investigator and Education Coordinator – University of Nebraska at Omaha

Associate Vice President, Title IX Coordinator – University of Texas at Austin

Title IX Investigator – Savannah College of Art and Design

Crisis Intervention Counselor – Boston University

Title IX Coordinator – The Evergreen State College

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Response and Education – University of Puget Sound

Title IX Director – Western Washington University

Assistant Director, Equal Opportunity Programs and Diversity – Florida International University

Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Prevention & Training Specialist – Arlington County VA Department of Human Services

Bystander Empowerment Specialist – Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA)

Title IX Investigator – George Mason University

Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights – Title IX Investigator – University of Virginia

Investigator – University of Denver

Office of Diversity and Equity: Diversity Associate – Central Connecticut State University